Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Thoughts #26 - Niece

I have one brother (along with two sisters-in-laws, a brother-in-law, two step-brothers and one step-sister.)  The one that I grew up with, that I looked up to, that came from my mother and my father, that is one of the most ethical and genuine people I know, well, that is my brother.  He has a wife; they have 3 kids and one dog.  Their family is kinda close to perfect.  I know, I know.  No family is perfect.  But, there's is close.  But, this blog entry is not about them.  It is about my #1 niece, Jacy.

Jacy is eighteen.  Jacy is a Senior in high school.  An American tradition for high school seniors is to get senior pictures taken.  A group of photos that personify you at that time of your life...leaving high school...facing your future all wrapped up in a collage of several outfit changes.

Oh, you want to see a sample of my Senior Pics?  Why, sure.....

Enough of me...this blog entry is about Jacy.  Well, it's about me, and it's about Jacy.  There are times that I'm reminded of how far away I live from home.  Yes, I've made a home here.  I'm very happy with my guy, our partnership, our family, and our home.  But, I miss my loved ones a lot too.  Today was one of those days that I was reminded of that.  Jacy's photographer posted a sample of Jacy's pictures on her blog. I was filled with emotion as I looked at the pictures.
Canon Creek Photography
Jacy was twelve when I moved to Australia.  She's eighteen now.  Jacy looked like a little girl with pretty curls when I left.  She now looks like a young woman.  (The pretty curls are still there.)  I've missed some really important, life-changing years for Jacy.  I used to be around them a lot.  If I had lived in Texas the last six years, I would have been there for Homecomings and Proms, birthdays and holidays.  I have made a point to make my visits count.  We shared a family vacation to Florida.  I was there for a Sadie Hawkins dance and her 18th birthday.  We even shared a really special conversation where she (the teenager) consoled me (the adult) reinforcing the fact that it is okay that I never had children of my own.

Jacy is a strong girl whose beauty radiates.  Physically, she is beautiful.  Internally, she is even more beautiful.  She is carrying on the family legacy and attending Texas A&M University in the fall (3rd generation Aggie).  And, I am so excited that I get to be there when she walks across the stage to accept her high school diploma.  I am proud of the young woman that she has become.  I can't take credit for that - her parents and her relationship with God deserve all that credit.  But, I hope she holds a special place for me in her heart the way I do her.  I love her.  She is one special girl, and I am honored to be her aunt.  OK...I'm crying again!


  1. I love this!

    I am so grateful to be part of my nephew's life. It's such a special bond, isn't it?

  2. Aww, this is so adorable! I am pretty sure you have a special place in her heart as well! <3 Love all the pictures by the way!

  3. Wow, she is a beautiful young lady. However, I think that she should have had the hair that her lovely aunt had for her Senior pics. ;)

    Mandie ~

  4. Awww!! I know EXACTLY how you feel!! My sister is in Australia and she's pregnant with her first baby and it breaks my heart that I won't be there with her :) Your niece is gorgeous! :)

    And I love your senior pics ;)

  5. Your niece is a beautiful young woman. I think it sounds like you make the most of your relationship and do what you can to continue to strengthen it even with the miles between you.

  6. Aww, what a lovely tribute!

    I know how you feel. Germany isn't even that far from England, but I still feel like I'm missing out on stuff. I moved to Germany 5 days after my youngest brother was born and now he's 8!!

  7. This is so sweet and you can absolutely tell how much you love her. Distance can't change that.

  8. That's so sweet! My nieces live in Oklahoma which feels so far, so I can only imagine how you feel. It's great that you're working hard to keep having a special relationship with her, though. I mean, who wouldn't love having an aunt to visit in Australia?


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