Wednesday, May 27, 2015

An Aussie girl in an American world

I adore Kristen's blog posts.  Pretty much every time I read a post of hers, I giggle and smile.  Who doesn't need more giggles and smiles in their day?  

Hi everyone! I'm Kristen and I blog over at See You In A Porridge about cats, books, running, and anything else that goes on in my head. Oh, I'm also an expat, like Erin! We just swapped countries. While she is off on her Texas holiday and hopefully stocking up on all the American goodies she's missed, she's letting me take over.

See You In A Porridge

Obviously, I love living in the US (or I wouldn't be here) though I do miss my home, and we might end up back there one day. If that ever happens, I'd miss a few things about living in the good ol USA.

1. Drive thrus.

Yep, hashtag lazy. Drive thru food, drive thru ATM, drive through pick up my prescription? Don't mind if I do. Now where'd these extra lbs come from?! We obviously have drive thrus at home but only really for food. I thought it was lazy when I moved here but now I kinda dig it.

2. Big portions.

Yep, no shame. When I moved here, I couldn't finish a single meal anywhere we ate. Now I basically lick my plate while asking for dessert. Seriously though, don't know why I've gained weight.

3. Cheap stuff.

Things are so cheap here! Makeup, clothes, movies, everything. Ok yeah we make ridiculously less money but who cares when I can buy $8 mascara??

4. Only buying 1 thing for $1 instead of 10 for $10.

Does that even make sense? At home, if it says '10 for $10' you have to buy 10. Here (at Kroger, anyway) you can just buy 1 and it's $1. Mind blown. I still sometimes buy 10 because I forget and my husband is like why did you buy 10 candy bars??

5. Places opened 24 hours

I have lived in the US since 2012, so it might have changed since then, but as far as I know and most of my life, it was super rare to find something open 24 hours unless you were smack bang in the middle of the city, which I never was. Not that I ever go to said 24 hour things here but it's nice to have the option! The other night KC and I got pizza after midnight and I was like we couldn't do this at home!

6. Bud light.

I like me some bud light. I have seen budweiser in a bottle shop (liquor store) but I have never seen either bud or bud light in a bar at home. I would miss my bud. I know, I'm classy. You don't have to tell me.

7. Things are closer (and cheaper) to travel to.

My husband and I went to NYC for Christmas and our flights were like $300 each. Do you know how much a flight from Sydney to NYC costs??? Not $300. Europe is closer and cheaper. Everything is closer and cheaper. But, we'd make more money and so we'd have the ability to travel more? Maybe? Who knows. Right now it's kind of fun to have everything so 'close'.

8. Public bathrooms errywhere.

You're in Kroger and you need to go? You're in the middle of a city? You're at wal-mart? The Nike store? Pet Smart? Everywhere has public bathrooms (pretty much) and my bladder thanks them. It would be hard to retrain my bladder and my husband doesn't stand a chance - although there are no 89 cent polar pops there so maybe he'd be okay.

9. The ability to return things!

I buy something, I don't like it.. I can return it??? What do you mean? But I don't have the receipt? It's still okay? Really? What is this sorcery? I don't really use any store's return policy because it's like built into my brain that they will refuse me. Even though I know Sephora will let me return stuff I have a box full of crap I bought there that didn't work.. just sitting there.

10. Separate checks.

It sure is handy to go to brunch or dinner with my girlfriends and the waiters magically remember exactly who got what and give us our own bill. Blows my mind. At home, if it's $60 and there are 3 of you, you might as well all put in $20 or have exact change because they won't split it for you. Now, some places might be helpful or have some handy software that helps them do this, but 99% of the time - one bill, one payment 'k thanks. You have to do your own math, which I totally suck at. Though I wouldn't miss having to calculate a tip.

Anyway! So they are just a few things I would miss if I ever moved back home. There are plenty of things I miss about Australia though, so either way - you win some you lose some.

Thanks again to Erin for having me!!

Thanks again to Kristen for spreading more giggles and smiles :)  Can you think of any conveniences in the good ol' US of A to add?


  1. ahh thanks so much for having me Erin!! hope you are having a blast and stocking up on all your goodies - i have a box that i am slowly putting Erin stuff in, I'll have to send it to you when you've been back in Aus for awhile and run out!

  2. I so miss drive thrus! Especially Starbucks ones!

  3. Oh my the gifs on this are spot on. It had me giggling. But I always love learning about the small differences in countries and locations. The returning one surprised me because it's not something I had heard America was different in doing!

  4. Okay I am totally sensing a theme and now know why Americas are heavier. My town doesn't really like drive-thru places due to traffic so I totally get not having them and how convenient they are, I miss them.

  5. I can't even imagine how it must feel to sit down to dinner here in America for the first time at a restaurant and see the plate put in front of you with enough food to serve a family of 5!!! My friend from India is always put off by how large and unnatural our fruit and veggies are here too. I wish that we did have better portion control here because....will power!

  6. Okay I had no idea some of these things weren't standard in the developed world. HOW DO YOU AUSTRALIANS LIVE? Just kidding, you seem to be doing a lot of things way better than the U.S. so...

  7. Haha my family is visiting now and can't get over the lack of public restrooms.

  8. I had no idea this stuff didn't exist everywhere! As far as the bathrooms, I have never loved the convenience of public bathrooms everywhere more than I do now with a kid who, for some reason, needs to use it every single place we go.

  9. It's so interesting the differences between countries. I'm glad we're mostly treating you well!

  10. OMG! Yes to shops being open. When you're in Australia you have to be up early to take advantage of the day cause come 5pm EVERYTHING closes. Here it's like 8PM and I can go clothes shopping!!

  11. Loved reading the post! When I lived in America I was so surprised to see a drive thru atm. Never seen anything like that in Germany.

  12. I don't even live in the US and yes I love all of this!!! I mean honestly I was surpised at how early thing close in Aus but still over here its not as late as the US - 24/7 everything and I LOVE THAT! Also - all the food!

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