Thursday, October 29, 2015

Under the Covers with Erin and Jana: Playlist 4

So, about a month ago Erin (that's me!) and Jana put together this crazy awesome playlist of hairband songs (WHAT?! You missed it? Well, you're in luck because it's still available for your listening/reading pleasure) and then we had the idea that we should do yet another crazy awesome playlist. Except this time we decided we'd take rock band covers of non-rock band songs. Think things like Train covering Aerosmith's "Dream On". DAMN. SO GOOD.  

(Okay...Jana wrote the intro, and I have a strong, solid belief that no one should sing "Dream On" except Steven, now I will need to go listen to Train's version to see if my conviction still holds true.) 

Also, you should listen to Pat Monahan singing "Love Me Two Times" with the surviving members of the Doors. Well, the ones who were surviving in 2009. I think at least another one is dead now. I'm digressing big time here, as a music fan does when discussing music but perhaps I should circle this back around to the main point of the post.  Cover songs. That Erin and Jana picked for you to listen to and assembled into a handy list.  Have at it and let your ears feast on these:

Mr. Big, "30 Days in the Hole" (originally by Humble Pie)

Disturbed, "The Sound of Silence" (originally by Simon and Garfunkel)

Social Distortion, "Ring of Fire" (orginally by Johnny Cash)

Guns N Roses, "Live and Let Die" (originally by Wings)

 Halestorm, "Bad Romance" (orginally by Lady Gaga)

 I Prevail, "Blank Space" (orginally by Taylor Swift)

Steel Panther, "Don't Stop Believin'" (originally by Journey)

 Marilyn Mason, "Sweet Dreams Are Made of This" (originally by The Eurythmics)

Seether, "Careless Whisper" (originally by Wham!)

 Van Halen, "You Really Got Me" (originally by The Kinks)

Metallica, "Turn the Page" (orginally by Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band)

Shinedown, "Simple Man" (originally by Lynyrd Skynyrd)

Breaking Benjamin, "Enjoy the Silence" (originally by Depeche Mode)

Fall Out Boy ft/ John Mayer, "Beat It" (originally by Michael Jackson)

To summarize:

There were a TON of great covers we left off the list in the interest of space and time and not wanting to bore anyone.  Honorable mentions: Darling Nikki by the Foo Fighters (originally Prince), Stay by Thirty Seconds to Mars (originally Rhianna), Blue Monday by Orgy (originally New Order), Your Mama Don't Dance by Poison (originally Loggins & Messina).
Let us know--what are some of your favorite cover songs?  


  1. This is awesome! I've had a covers post in my drafts for at least six months. Mine was more pop though, so this is fun! I love that Beat It cover. I also like Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm. I like Marilyn Manson's Sweet Dreams and his version of Tainted Love too. I like the Chili Pepper's Higher Ground and New Found Glory's Glory of Love. Ooh! And I love The Used/My Chemical Romance cover of Under Pressure. I could go on and on... :) Haha!

  2. soooooo i don't know any of these songs, original or not, don't hate me, but i do want to say, isn't it funny how sometimes you hear a cover but you didn't know the first original song, so you like the cover more? or is that just me?

  3. Super excited to see Careless Whisper and Turn The Page! Seether's Careless Whisper is one of my favorite songs.

  4. Most of these brought me great joy. But you definitely had me at the I Prevail cover of Blank Space. It's probably my 2nd fave TSwift song after the original Wildest Dreams.

    There was a cover of We Built This City on Grey's Anatomy a while ago by Aron Wright and Jill Andrews ( I luuurrrvveee it. It's not the same as the original, but it's still good.

  5. DUDE. Pat Monahan SLAYS his version of Dream On. I saw him do it live and it blew my mind. This was in the early days of Train, like around 2002 or so, when he was younger and his voice was a bit stronger so try to look for that version.

  6. I like this very much...yes, I do. A lot of these I heard already but I may have to go give them all another listen & the ones I haven't, give 'em a go. I specifically like Blank Space by I Prevail. I don't particularly care for Taylor Swift but when I heard this by I Prevail, I was in love with the song. :)

    Another good one is Sympathy for the Devil by Guns & Roses (originally done by Rolling Stones). I love that one.

  7. I have a big, fat crush on Pat Monaghan. I'm definitely going to check that out!

  8. Seether and Marilyn Manson rocked their covers. Breaking Benjamin is one of my favs so they rock!

  9. It's so funny that you guys did a covers playlist because that's on my list of "Blog Posts to Eventually Write." I was planning to include the Marilyn Manson and Metallica songs featured here, but I have a bunch of others in mind ... So it will definitely be a different sort of feel whenever I finally get around to writing/posting it!

    I feel like Marilyn Manson always does awesome covers. "Sweet Dreams" is indeed awesome (and WAY better than the original, especially since I hate Annie Lennox), but their covers of "I Put A Spell On You" (which you featured in your Halloween playlist!) and "Tainted Love" are also awesome.


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