Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday's Seven Snapshots vol.50

I shared this already on instagram, but it's ranking up there in my favorite pictures of all-time. 

Sometimes, at work, I play with big this 2.81 carat beauty. 

Dolly sitting funny. That is all.

The trees in Centennial Park are amazing.

Pulled Pork on a pretzel roll bun and German beer ... Mmm mmm good. 

Rise Against, Saturday night, Hordern Pavilion, Sydney;  I got goosebumps when we first got there. I couldn't help but think of the concert goers at the Bataclan in Paris not too many Saturdays ago. 

Sydney Town Hall lit up for Christmas!

I hope your first week of December has been fantastic!  Tell me about it. 


  1. My first week of December absolutely flew by! Seriously, it was over and done with before I barely knew it had even started. LOL!

    PS I bet you do get to play around with some awesome jewelry!

  2. That picture of your husband and Astro is so cute! And I think that I would be playing around with the big diamonds a lot too if I had your job! Christmas lights make me so happy, and it looks like Australia is starting to really look festive!

  3. Awesome pics. Pretzel buns are sooooo delicious, I want one now!

  4. The first pic is so adorable!!!

    I wanna play with big diamonds!!!!

  5. That is a giant diamond! And I love the trees in Centennial Park. Not so much the bats! How were Rise Against? I'd like to go and see them, I have a feeling they'd be great live. Hope you managed to enjoy it despite Bataclan goosebumps.

  6. How was the concert??

    That tree is something else. Looks magical. I just love that picture of Neil, too. It's very sweets ;)

    Hope you had a nice weekend love xoxo

  7. i love Rise Against - i bet that was a great show! anything on a pretzel roll is fantastic in my book! and brb while i go steal that diamond haha.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  8. That tree is so beautiful! Great picture.

  9. I love the lit up town hall, Christmas colorful lights are my favorite!

  10. THAT DIAMOND! It looks like you had a great weekend! Town Hall is gorgeous.

  11. I saw you post on FB (?) the other day and surprise surprise, guess who I was listening to at that moment.

    Something else we don't have in common--I don't like pulled pork. But I'll eat the shit out of a pretzel roll. And fries. Obvs.

  12. That pretzel bun looks delicious! Those twisty windy trees are so pretty.

  13. All these photos bring me joy.
    I still think if I get to pick, I'm getting a lab created gem. :)
    Pet snuggles are the cutest.
    Awkward pets are awesome. I actually just caught Phil with "escaped tongue syndrome" (where his tongue hangs out of his mouth when he's asleep). It's the best.
    I need more pretzel buns in my life, but I'll save the beer for my German. ;)


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