Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Read My Books: challenge starts tomorrow!

In April, I announced that Dani from Faster and Forever  & I are teaming up for a new book challenge:  Read My Books Challenge with Dani and Erin.  The challenge starts TOMORROW!  Are you ready??  Let's do this...
Once again, here's some things to know to help with any confusion or questions you may have:
  • Challenge is June 1st, 2016 - June 30, 2016
  • Link-up to report how you did in the challenge is the second Thursday of July the 14th
  • Your link-up post can be anything related to the challenge (i.e. the books you read, why you "collect" so many books that go unread, a book that surprised you once you read it for the challenge, where you get all those books, ebooks, audio books that end up stacking up and neglected, show us pictures of your bookshelves, etc.) 
  • The objective is to finally read some of those books that you own that have been feeling neglected
  • ONLY read books (audio books, ebooks included) that you currently own already (or have downloaded already; yes, NetGalley can be included)
  • You are not required to read ALL the books you own
  • I repeat (because this has been the biggest concern/confusion) that you are not required to read ALL the books you currently own
  • Just whatever you read in the month of June should be ones that you already have
  • No library books (although I love myself some library), no buying new books, no downloading or borrowing new books
  • Two Amazon gift cards will be given to randomly selected lucky winners
  • A raffle for the Amazon $ will be posted in the link-up
  • This isn't a competition for how many books you read; it's just encouragement to read your books; if you have ONE book on your shelf that has been begging to be read, read that book, and you are a challenge participant!
  • Any other questions, just ask!

Who's with us??


  1. I'm with ya! Can't wait! Cute gif :)

  2. Possibly stupid question... so I'm supposed to ONLY read books I already own in June? So if I read 10 books I already own then buy one and also read that I've failed the challenge? Or is the book I bought just "non-challenge reading"? (If I'm only allowed to read books I own I can't complete Megan's challenge this month since there was at least one category I didn't own a book for already).

  3. Good luck with your challenge, Erin! I will be playing along from the sidelines- reading only books that I own this month but not expecting too much from myself ;) Haha!

  4. Hooray! I've got a few. Although I also have a pile from the library to get through first. :P

  5. I'm not making a list because I can never stick to them, but I am resolving to only read off my bookshelves and Kindle library for the next month. I've got tons of titles to get through that should keep me plenty occupied!

  6. I'm so excited for this challenge! I have a ton of books just waiting to be read, including some new ones that I bought at Powell's Bookstore this past weekend! Hopefully they'll arrive soon so I can get to reading!

  7. Definitely joining and I'm super excited! This is a great idea for a challenge!

  8. My Netgalley list is ready and calling my name!!! I haven't added any new books in the last few weeks except one I got approved for today....which obviously wont be included in this challenge. So ready to knock them out. You know...so I can request more! Muh hahahahah!

  9. I'm in!!!! I'm hoping to get my Net Galley shelf under control again... Thanks for the challenge - much needed!

  10. Going to try my best with this one...If I get an irresistible library book during June, I think I'll have to read it, but definitely going to focus on my own books :)

  11. I'm really loving all the positive comments. Looks like we weren't the only ones who needed to get through our personal bookshelves! I "borrowed" some of your notes for the challenge to re-announce on my blog. I'm a slow reader as I'm sure I've mentioned, but at least all I'll be reading this month are books I already have! I'm excited for our linkup!

  12. okay i am ready!!! i already told you i got a shit ton of books in may hahaha but i am ready!

  13. I confess: I bought 5 books from Barnes & Noble in April. I knew you guys were doing this challenge, and I still added more crap to my shelves. (I got them for free using gift cards, though, so maybe that makes up for it?)

    I'm trying to read a mix of "old" and "new" books from my shelves this month. I'd like to get through at least 8 or 9, but we'll see how it goes. I have one book that's been sitting on my shelves for several years that I felt like I should read, but it's almost 800 pages long ... So I decided to go for shorter books in an effort to get through more of them. I'd love to finally get to it by the end of the year, though.

    Oh, and you might find this funny: Eric said that the library will probably be worried about me because I'm not checking anything out all month. One of my friends told me they might think I've moved (or that I'm dead). Haha.

  14. Quite a bit of my Semi-Charmed book challenge books are ones I own, so I'm in!


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