Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Blogger Love vol.7

Let me make a confession before we get started: I've been terrible about keeping track of blog posts that I wanted to share since my last "Blogger Love" post.  There have been some great posts out there that I'm leaving off and forgetting because I dropped the ball this go 'round.  But, that doesn't diminish how much I enjoyed the following posts, so I want to share them with you, in cased you missed any of them:

Karen shared her thoughts about an article that xojane originally published (then removed), and I couldn't agree more with what Karen has to say:  A terrible person wrote something stupid and the backlash was glorious

This one had me giggling and nodding in agreement when Life as Louise discussed trying to be nice.

Rachel at A Nesting Nomad ended a successful travel link-up with this post: The Best of Travel Tuesday.  It has SO many fantastic travel posts and links that if you want to explore the world through bloggers' eyes, you can't look past this one.

Ashley gave some practical, common sense advice that she's learned from six years of marriage.  You may have heard these relationship tidbits before, but this post is a good reminder for any of you in a relationship:  Five Things I've Learned from Six Years of Marriage

Most of you that come share some time with me in my little space already know Steph at Life According to Steph, but just in case you missed this, you need to read this post:  A is for Agreement...and Aniston.

Digging into my archives, I'm sharing some "blogger love" with myself because this post of mine addresses some issues that Steph and Jennifer (you know, Aniston, yea, we're on a first name basis)talk about too. 

Are any of these posts new to you?  What did you think?


  1. I love we read the same blogs because I've read every one of these.
    Good stuff on people's minds.

  2. Thanks for the love, Erin! I was a big fan of Steph's Aniston post, too! Now I need to check out these other ones!

  3. I had read all of these except for the travel one and yours from the archives and they are all FABULOUS. I just read yours and AMEN. I am so so so thankful that I haven't had a single person ask me when we're going to have kids, because though we both want kids, I think getting that question would irritate me to no end. (Though, since we bought a house with four bedrooms we get those, "Four bedrooms, eh? *wink*" which is pretty annoying.) I just hate the bullshit that women have to deal with. If you don't have kids or have one kid, you're selfish. If you have 'too many' (which is arbitrary) you're greedy or careless or stupid. And then of course all the other countless things that we're judged for (weight, clothes, literally everything...). Sorry for the ramble. I just have a lot of feelings. Ha!

  4. I really loved Steph's post and I think I have read most of these others :) I am going to double check to be sure!

  5. Awww thanks Erin! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Hosting that link up was so much fun, but it was very bad for my travel wish list which is now stupidly long! I've read some of the posts you mention already, but will check out the rest. Always good to discover new blogs :)

  6. Thank you so much for the love! I had a lot of fun writing that post even though it was probably something that everybody knows when it comes to marriage. I also loved Rachel's post as well!

  7. off to read the ones i haven't read :) i love when you share the blogger love around, especially to yourself!

  8. Aw, thanks for sharing my post!

    And that Jennifer Aniston one is good. I need to check out the others.


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