Thursday, September 8, 2016

Stuff & Things: The Revival vol.1

Folks.  I was so pleased to read that Kristin & Joey are bringing back the Stuff & Things link-up every Thursday.  Let me tell ya some reasons why:
  • I can foresee me not being able to blog as often for a little while (which is no big deal), but I still want to stay connected, and this is a perfect way to do it.
  • The few times that I participated previously, I spelled Kristin's name incorrectly.  Now, I can redeem myself. 
  • I like random posts.  I like to read them, and I like to write them. Since there are NO rules to this link-up, I get to read/write about random things - woo hoo!

And, away we go with my randomness for the week.............
  • Immigratin' ain't easy.  Just sayin'.  I don't want to vent and complain because it is all a part of moving to and living in another country.
  • Warning: this rant may not matter to you unless you are a Bon Jovi fan.  Australia has their own version of the Today show.  This week, they interviewed Richie Sambora because his RSO project with Orianthi is coming to Australia later this month for some gigs.  The Today show decided to advertise that they had a "Bon Jovi" announcement and played "Blaze of Glory" in the background.  Uhm.  Hello.  Richie ain't in Bon Jovi anymore (not being nasty, just stating truth).  This was no Bon Jovi announcement.  It was an "RSO" announcement.  And, Blaze of Glory isn't even a "Bon Jovi" song.  It is a Jon Bon Jovi solo release.  It features Jeff Beck on guitar.  I know, I know.  I'm getting quite specific here, but can't the tv producers do a *little* more fact-checking before advertising this?  Hell, Richie may have even wanted his promo to be about his new project with his new music, and not some song that Jon wrote and recorded without him. 

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Nope, the paperwork alone involved in getting to live in a country other than the one you were born in can cause endless frustration--saying this as someone who has moved to China and to Malaysia and has gone through the work visa process. Anything like a permanent move/citizenship change would be even more headache-inducing, I'd imagine.

  2. Oh, that Blaze of Glory/Bon Jovi announcement thing would have driven me up the wall, too! I always hated when they used BoG to advertise something just for the band. I'd be like, "Helloooo... That was Jon's solo song, not by the band Bon Jovi!" I mean seriously, ppl... LOL! I hated to see Richie get short changed by the media b/c he's a creative artist who is just trying to get his stuff out there and be heard. I hated that he departed the band, but I'm a realist and know that some things are not meant to last forever and that creatively, he had to do what he had to do. I would love to see his RSO stuff do well and I mean, really well.

  3. ugh to immigration stuff - true it's part of living somewhere else but still, bummer that it's so tough. i LOVE the living end and actually saw them like 12 years ago when they toured and ended up here in FL. off to listen to the song! also helps i like the goo goo dolls :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. Its funny to hear you talk about immigration issues with you going to Aussie & Kristin (The aussie) moving to the US. Its why I give credit to people brave enough to move to another country. I'd panic through all that stuff

  5. The justice system needs a complete overhaul. Free the people in there for marijuana and jail the rapists.

  6. Little nitpicky stuff like that makes me crazy, too. Fact checking. It's not hard.

  7. I like that a positive point to the link-up is you redeeming yourself with Kristin's name. Haha!
    I would think that Bon Jovi mess-up would irritate ALL the artists involved. Laziness on the part of the TV producers!
    Thank goodness one judge has some sense.

  8. I forgot Blaze of Glory was a solo effort, but I would have still known not to play a Bon Jovi song in the background. Honestly, it kind of insulting that they did. I had seen the Vanderbilt football player was given a "real" prison sentence. It's a good start.

  9. Fact check people, I am sure it is someone's job to do that before they say anything on air! Sheesh! And ummmm 15 years is much better than a few months. The system makes me sick sometimes.

  10. Don't they have interns and other staff whose jobs are specifically to vet shit like this so as to mitigate embarrassment?!

    I will always read whatever it is that you write, as frequent or infrequent as you're here.. Sending love and light my dear. XOXOX

  11. I hadn't heard about the Vanderbilt case, but that 15-year sentence is much better. Here's hoping the September sentencing and the following ones will be around that too. And one of them is a dad now...ugh. Hopefully with him behind bars someone will raise that child to be a decent human being.

  12. worries on the name. My own grandmother spelled it wrong for my entire life.

    Random posts are the most fun to read too...glad to have you in on it!

  13. hahahaha @ you spelling kristin's name wrong. sometimes people link up with me or talk about me and spell my name like hers and i'm like.. seriously? but yeah, i am with kristin, even my grandmother spells my name wrong.
    clearly the today show needs to do their research. how embarrassing!
    i'm sorry about immigration :(
    oh my, i'd forgotten about the living end. i don't think i was a fan (probably why i forgot about them) so i will have to try the goo goo dolls sound-alike-song when i get home and see if i like it.
    dang, go Judge Monte Watkins!!!


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