Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Thank you, marchers

Alyssa marched in Washington D.C.

Andi marched in Charleston WV.

Christina marched in Seattle.

Crissy marched in Portland.

Erin marched in Berlin, Germany.

Jennifer marched in London.

Julie marched in N.Y.C.

Kaity marched in Cincinnati. 

Kelly marched in San Diego.

Lauren marched in Houston.

Shelby marched in Austin. 

Steph marched in Washington D.C.

Tiffany marched in Houston.

Tracy marched in Washington D.C.

This list.  This list includes friends from my teen years, college years, young professional years, and blogger friends too.  This list is just a slice of a very, very large pie.  Some marched with friends, others with family, and several had their children with them too.  This list includes: a domestic abuse survivor who has worked with other victims and speaks in public forums about her experience; a child of Mexican immigrants who graduated from my same university; church worship leaders; a friend whose sister is married to a woman, and they've received death threats because of it; a mother of a homosexual daughter; well-informed, well-intended, well-educated strong human beings.

As I looked through their posts and pictures, my heart was bursting.  They marched for you and for me.  My post is their post, so I will share their pictures. 

"I marched to stand up and show my support for women, but also children, people of color, the LGBTQ community, the environment, health care, veterans, immigrants, sexual assault victims, education, Muslims, and people with disabilities. Everyone."

Thank you, marchers.


  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you for including me ❤️ This post kind of made my heart swell a little bit 😭

  2. Awww Erin, thanks for including me as I was so, so happy to see our city come together (you still lay claim, right?). I hope this spirit of coming together and doing something lasts beyond this week!

  3. Honored to have marched for and with (if in spirit alone) with you, the others included on this list, and the MILLIONS of others. I'll never stop marching, yelling, demanding for us all.

  4. This just makes my heart swell with pride. Unfortunately I was unable to join the amazing group that marched in LA (it had been rainy all week but the sun came out for the march, so yeah, MOTHER nature is on our side) but was there in spirit. We march on!

  5. I know dozens of people who marched for whatever reasons they felt necessary and I'm so glad they did. I'm proud to have people like that speak on my behalf.

  6. i'm conflicted on this one, erin, mostly because i'm a little afraid to open my mouth and say what i think, and i'm not usually afraid to do that, so... this'll be clumsy, and i certain don't hope to incite more animosity and vitriole, but...

    two things: i see all these stories of women marching and can't help but think their efforts would be better served if they were to volunteer with organizations like women's centers and shelters and big brothers big sisters and the like. that THAT'S how you effect change, not by standing in a street carrying a sheet of poster board saying make america kind again. i don't know that america's ever been kind. that's not a word i would use to describe this country. liberty and justice aren't always kind things, after all.

    second, i've a relative who was on hillary clinton's detail when she was first lady. and from that person's said, she is NOTHING like what she appears to be. so when people call themselves nasty women say they're with her, i shutter.

    1. UGH. typos. certainly* and from what that person's said*

    2. UGH. and themselves nasty women and say*

      see how nervous posting that comment made me?

  7. Power to the people! For whatever reason they had to go.

  8. I love this! Thank you for including me!

  9. A huge thank you to all of them (and everyone who marched) from me, too. I couldn't get to the only march in Switzerland, but I was there in spirit.

  10. Oh I love it!!! That's so awesome! We've been moving, but I would have loved to go to a local one! I was so inspired by all of the posts that I saw. Until super conservative relatives/FB "Friends" started being A-holes. KC took my phone away and the rest of the night was grand. hahaha LOL! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    1. *I mean that in an antagonistic, and one-sided type way. Nothing wrong with expressing different viewpoints, but I saw so many really just awful posts about not wanting to be associated with anything related to the marches for (I'm imagining) targeted posts where they saw the more vulgar signs/costumes, etc. without looking into what the march is about or any live feeds, etc. to see the good stuff. I have no patience for that. :( - realized i should probably clarify a little more!

  11. i wish i had gone to one - we had a small one in my city and it's not a place i like to go.. it sounds awful. i should have driven to a bigger city :) it was lovely to see everyone else doing it though, being with them in spirit.


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