Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Random, Frivolous Things About Me

I've read a number of bloggers sharing random facts about themselves in the last month or so.  I should give you guys credit.  My bad.  I think it's because I'm sitting here knowing of 6 off the top of my head, and, well, I admit it, I'm too lazy right now to go find all those posts. 

Today is the 21st of the month, so let's learn 21 random (mostly frivolous) facts about me:

1.  I love naps.  I can sleep anywhere, anytime.

2.  I had problems with my right ankle all throughout high school.  I sprained it, stretched and tore ligaments, and fractured it.  To this day, my left calf is higher/stronger than my right calf because it had to overcompensate for the right leg injuries.  I'm not making it up.  A doctor actually told me this.

2a.  Taking a picture of your own calves is not an easy task.  I swear that the differential between my calves is more obvious than this picture shows.  Or, now, I'm asking myself "am I just being a weird girl and noticing things about my body parts that no one else notices or cares about?"

3.  When I was a kid, I used to wish that my name was Savannah.  I've actually never met anyone named Savannah.

I'm having a difficult time coming up with random "new" things...things that I haven't already shared in this space before, so I'm going to repeat myself here and there.

4.  I have been a Bon Jovi fan since 1984.  I saw them in concert on the "Slippery When Wet" tour when I was in 8th grade.  I have seen them in the ballpark of 15 times. (see next random fact about me)  I call Jon Bon Jovi "the love of my life", and I have no shame.

5.  I have a vivid memory about some things, and other times, my memory is horrible.  For instance, I'm pretty terrible about remembering when/where/how many times I've seen certain bands in concert that I know I've seen multiple times.

6.  I love all things cheese and all things potato.

7.  I've watched 5 episodes of Big Little Lies.  This is the most I've watched of a dramatic series since Dexter.  Yep, I'm a little behind the times when it comes to television.

8.  Even though I don't watch that much tv, or that many nominated movies, or listen to that much current music, I still really enjoy watch awards shows like the Emmys, the Golden Globes, the Oscars, and the Grammys.

9.  I have 12 tattoos and a wish list for more.

10.  Prior to my current situation, I'd always had full bred dogs from breeders.  Now, I have 5 adopted fur babies who are nowhere near full breeds.

11.  I have been a nail biter my entire life.  I can still hear my grandmother's voice in my head telling me to "stop biting your nails!"  I've tried every bit of advice and product ever given to quit this filthy habit.  Finally, I gave up and decided I will wear fake nails for life.

12.  I adopted this as sort of a life motto after seeing it on pinterest a few years back:
13.  I believe the world would be a happier place if we all sent/received more care packages.

14.  I don't like olives or any of these other foods

15.  I used to think I was a guy's gal.  I had a lot of male friends.  I'd been accused of "thinking like a guy".  Now, I find myself much more in tune with being a woman, supporting other women, and cherishing my female friends. 

16.  I'm a rocker chick at heart, and many of you know this.  When my 9 year old stepkid just handed me his ipod and asked me to put "Monster" by Skillet on it, my rocker heart was very happy.  AC/DC is his favorite band.  No, this isn't a random, frivolous fact about me...but it was still a fun fact to share.

17.  I am a member at 3 different library systems (all of them with multiple locations), and I'm about to join a fourth.  I moved work locations...I need to join the library near my work.  Duh.

18.  I was born feet first. 

19.  I pretty much like cherry-flavored anything.  Cherry Coke.   Cherry candies (Starburst and Jolly Ranchers.)  Jim Beam Black Cherry.  Cherry Pop Tarts.  Cherry pie.  Cherry cough syrup.  Give me all the cherries...fake or real.

20.  I took dance from the ages of 4 to 10, and I was on an organized dance/drill team in junior high, high school, and 2 years in college.  I still remember choreography from random dances to the likes of Billy Idol's Mony, Mony, Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Sinead O'Connor's Nothing Compares to You, Johnny Gill's Rub You the Right Way, Van Halen's You Really Got Me...and more...

21.  I've never drank a cup of coffee.  Oh, I've had a couple of sips of one.  Multiple times to see if my taste buds have changed, but they haven't.  I don't like the taste of coffee anything.  Not even coffee ice cream or tiramisu. 

Did you learn anything new about me?  Tell me one random, frivolous thing about you that you don't think I know...


  1. Mmm... potatoes and cheese! My favourite combination!

    I wanted to be called Abigail as a child. I don't even know where I got that name from since I didn't know an Abigail at the time (actually I don't think I've met one even now - I only know "of" Abigails/Abbeys who I assume are actually Abigails). Instead I named a doll Abigail. I was also incredibly jealous of my cousin Lorraine for having such a "cool" name (in my seven-year-old eyes).

  2. I love posts like these when I can learn a little more about someone. :) I'm with you on the nap thing and your fur babies are so precious! Now I'm craving one of my favorites: cheese fries!

  3. Yay, love that you posted this today!! How fun!
    Ok, I cannot believe you never drank a cup of coffee! I LOVE coffee!!
    I love cheese and I love cherry anything as well!
    I have 2 adopted fur babies and our pup looks a lot like your fluff in that first pic!
    I don't have any tattoos, yet, but I am planning on getting one!
    Happy Tuesday xxx

  4. I don't like olives either!! But I do LOVE coffee!! ;) And Bon Jovi!! :)

  5. I can nap almost anywhere, too. (Airplanes excluded for some reason.) I fell asleep at a NASCAR race once and the officials had to come up into the stands to make sure I was ok! Ha.
    I broke my leg in 1st grade and it's given me so many issues since then. It actually healed a little crookedly.
    I wanted my name to be Tina after a girl on Barney.
    My 14 year old cousin went to see Bon Jovi with my aunt this week and I thought of you!
    I like that quote. And cherry flavoring. And hate green olives.
    Obviously #10 is my fav :)

  6. Oh my goodness, I used to be OBSESSED with Skillet! I thought that made me so hard core, ha ha. All of your fur babies are precious!

  7. I love that you wanted to be called Savannah! When I was a kid I was always trying to make my name more unique. I'd change the spelling all the time. For one whole year I went by Kelleigh. And then in high school I was obsessed with the name Olive.

  8. OMG JBV with gray hair!! he is one silver fox.

  9. I love naps. Every weekend Mr. J and I take one both Saturday and Sunday. We live for our naps.

  10. I love reading random facts about people because everybody is just so different! I can't believe that you've never had a full cup of coffee! My taste buds have changed a little bit over the years, but I can't really drink regular coffee. And who can not like anything that has cheese on it!

  11. I wish I could join more libraries! Sooo many books!
    I can see the difference in your legs. #yourenotcrazy
    I think I've known one person named Savannah. Despite living an hour away now, I've still never been to the actual city. #Southernerfail
    Black coffee is disgusting. Add the milk and sugar and flavors and it's tolerable. I'd rather have a milkshake any day.
    Teh German said he'd take dance lessons before the wedding. I really need to find a class for us to take.

  12. I love these types of posts! Here is one of mine...

    When I was a sophomore in high school, I tried to change my name to my middle name. Not legally, I just mean that I tried to get everyone (including teachers) to call me by my middle name because "I was tired of Danielle." (This is also why I go by Dani now instead.) My science teacher played along, but when I got a question wrong he said that I was "smarter as Danielle." I quickly changed back lol. This I remember vividly, but usually I change what people said in my head over time.

  13. I LOVE Skillet. I have quite a few of their songs on my running playlist.
    I love how much you love Bon Jovi.
    I used to always want a different name growing up too. Isnt that funny how that works. Past life? ;)

  14. Potatoes and cheese, lover of naps, cats, books - we are gonna be friends forever. :D It's not really fair that Jon Bon Jovi looks better than he did in his Slippery When Wet days. I love music but I've never been much of a concert goer growing up. We lived about 3 hours away from the "big" city where most concerts were held. Today, I'm just lazy. :D

  15. Totally opposite you on 19 and 21. I hate cherries. I even go as far as to just tell people I'm allergic, so they don't accidentally put a cherry in my drink or something. I hate anything cherry flavored, I can smell it from 5 feet away. Coffee, though, I adore.
    I actually do know a Savannah. Just one though, a friend's little sister.

  16. YES to cherry flavored things! I included that in a post a while back. Any hard/gummy candies, there's a 99% chance my favorite is the cherry one (including Starburst and Jolly Ranchers).

  17. you forgot to include buckcherry on number nineteen. i'm pretty sure you like them, too.

  18. With you on the cherry flavored things! CONFUSED about the coffee thing. Hahaah. But I'm also insanely impressed that you can survive each day without some! ;)

  19. I love olives and coffee! But I also love cherry coke and cherry pop tarts.

  20. Omg yessss on the coffee! I don't like it at all! And I feel like one of my calves is larger than the other and I thought that was just normal. Like my right arm bicep is more defined than my left. Just part of being an asymmetrical human. But you have an actual reason yours aren't the same and that's a pretty cool story!

  21. I love these random facts! I hate olives and I' a rocker chic too. I've been to hundreds of concerts as well :) I only like coffee if it is a mocha or sweet and creamy. I also belong to 3 library systems and I use the Overdrive app to borrow and download all my books for free! (Read them on the Kindle app). Nice getting to know you!!

  22. Cherry Coke is my favorite soda. True story. I love olives and recently began drinking coffee (like in the last 2 years) but I will not eat anything coffee flavored.

    Erica has a girl in her class named Savannah Rose. Another Erica fact: her favorite band is Skillet. I told you those two should be friends.

  23. Love this! I also love all things cheese and potato. I'm from Wisconsin after all. :) And yay, Big Little Lies! I'm liking the show. I also LOVED Dexter. Have you watched Breaking Bad? If not - that will totally hook you!

  24. I've been a nail biter all my life, too. My mom used to even try tobasco sauce when I was a kid and I'd still bite the living you know what our of my fingers. Lol

    Savannah is such a pretty name. I used to want to be named Jade or Electra. Lol, totally weird I know.


  25. I didn't drink coffee (ever) until I was about 25/26. Now I'm addicted. Do you have a favorite source of caffeine?

  26. I like the name Savannah too. :) When I was a kid I wanted to Sarah or Kira. I don't bite my nails, but I bit my cuticles.. is that weird?! LOL I noticed I don't do it as much when I'm not stressed... I love your pets! They're so cute. That motto is great, and I feel like I'm like 1/2 and 1/2 caught up on recent TV. I haven't watched ANY netflix original shows.. .but I'm up to date on GOT and a few other popular things.. so whatever. I'd rather be reading most of the time recently! XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  27. Monster is an AWESOME song! We're cat-mom twins!!!!

  28. I love reading things I didn't know and things I already know about you! I specifically remember your ankle in drill team. You always wore that lace-up ankle brace beautifully. I think it would have been super badass for the entire team to have ankle braces like that.

  29. Oh man, I'm so with you on loving naps and hating coffee. Haha! I'm also a member of three different library systems and love cheese and potatoes, any way, anywhere.

  30. we are obviously twins. haha. i didn't know you liked bon jovi though! lol jk. ew to olives and coffee. people always freak out when i say i don't drink coffee. like they get offended. also, all things potato - yum!

  31. As you know, I'm right there with you in referring to JBJ as the love of my life. As you probably don't know, I've never drank a cup of coffee either, which the exception of an itty bitty, child play toy sized cup of espresso I drank in Paris just to be polite, after having added 4-5 sugar cubes to it. Seriously, it was more like - "Would you like some espresso with your sugar cubes?" than "Would you like some sugar in your coffee?" And I dislike all things coffee flavored, even jelly beans.


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