Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Book Challenge by Erin 6.0 Wrap Up

You all know that I am a sucker for book challenges.  Also, you know the one that is nearest and dearest to me is the one that I host ~ Book Challenge by Erin (yes, I know, those creative juices were really flowing when I came up with that name.)

Most of the challenge's activity occurs on the facebook group.  Selfishly, it allows me to interact with book lovers from every era of my life ~ family, high school friends, college friends, co-workers, adult friends, blogger buddies, friends of friends and more!  It is an open group.  I try to be a stress-free, no-pressure host.  I encourage as much (or as little) participation as a reader wants to give. 

I did add a goodreads group this challenge as well.  But, the activity was lacking there (something for me to work on in the future). 

This group enriches my life.  The support, the participation, the interaction, and just sharing the love of books is something that I could have never predicted would bring me so much happiness! Yes, I keep a score, a tally of points, and I give prizes, but those don't matter to me nearly as much as the engagement with each other and the passion for reading that is evident among the group members.   Thank you to all who participate! I probably get greater pleasure out of it than any of the challenge participants. 

How did we do for the sixth challenge installment?  Take a look...

Book Challenge by Erin 6.0 is complete! For all who participated this challenge:
  • The most books ever read for one of our challenges - 605! (compared to 566 in the previous challenge) - this total has increased with every challenge
  • The most to finish all 10 books - 33!
  • The readers that finished BOTH rounds (20 books total) - 6
  • Readers from USA (25+ states), Canada, Scotland, Switzerland, Germany, Australia participated
I appreciate each and every one that gives to this group. I read every book list, review, comment, and I am grateful for all of the support and encouragement shown for the love of books!  It is a happy place for me, and I hope I've created a happy place for others.  I've received some amazing feedback from participants this time. 

Winners!  I gave *small* prizes to four participants: the first person to finish BOTH rounds & the first person to finish the first round were the same person, the second person to finish the first round, the person that accumulated the most points, and a "wild card" draw between all the ones who finished the challenge. 
Let me brag a little about more of our blogger friends...the following completed the challenge by reading 10 (or more) books:

Megan at Can I Decide Another Day?

Heather at Heather's Hurrah

Karen at Run Wright

Tanya at A Mindful Migration

Bev at Confuzzledom

Ericka at A Quiet Girl's Musings of a World that Talks Too Much

Jamie at Whatever I Think Of!

Mattie at Northwest Native

Jen at It's My Life

Jenn at Quirky Pickings

Olya at The Siberian American

Christina at Easily Entertained

Thinking about joining us for the next challenge??  Join the facebook group.  If you have any facebook friends that you think would enjoy the challenge, recommend them to join the group.  Some of the most enthusiastic readers in the group are friends of friends...and I love that!  Again, this challenge is open to more than just bloggers.  We have a lot of non-blogger participants.  If you know anyone who may want to dabble into the world of book challenges, share this page with them:  Book Challenge by Erin.

Or don't.  Some bloggers don't do facebook, and I'm cool with that too.  Of course, I announce stuff here on my blog too.

JUNE 1st - category announcement for Book Challenge by Erin 7.0

JULY 1st - OCTOBER 31st - BOOK CHALLENGE by ERIN 7.0 - tell your friends! Invite them to the group.  The more book lovers, the better!

I repeatedly say it (because I mean it): I don't care if someone reads one book or 20, as long as my challenge has encouraged reading, that's a win for me. 


  1. Well done to everyone that finished!

    I'm so excited to see the categories for next time. How can I wait a whoooole month? ;-)

  2. Congrats to everyone who took part - no matter how many books you read! I'm going to try and take part in this next round. I'm always reading anyway, so it will be fun to do this with other readers! :)


  3. I can't wait to tackle the next challenge :) Thanks for hosting these, Erin. Your book challenges are always the motivation I need to get lost in the pages!
    And congrats to all the finishers and winners!

  4. Wow! Great job to all who took part in this challenge! I might have to think about the next one, especially because it falls over the summer months when I do my most reading!

  5. this is a damned fine challenge you've set up, ma'am, and i'm proud to be a part of it.

  6. Congrats on another successful Book Challenge completed to you and everyone who participated. It's always such a pleasure to connect with book lovers and get their takes on various books. I always find new books to devour based on their recommendations! And thank you again, Erin, for being the book hostess with the mostess. :D

  7. So many people finished the challenge!!! How awesome!

  8. Erin, please help me figure out how to submit my list and challenge! I know im too late to be included here but I did participate and want to follow everyone's lists!!! I don't see a linky here on your blog? Thank you!

  9. Also, when counting points.... can you have more than one book per category?? I've been working on my blog post over the past month but didn't know I could list more than one per category. Thanks!

  10. I was so close to finishing up 9 books this time around for the challenge, but I completed my 9th book on May 1st when I was on the bus to work. Oh well, it gives me something to strive for next time! That's seriously so exciting that so many people completed the challenge and that it's the most books read this time around! I know that you put so much time and effort into keeping this challenge and Facebook group going, and I want to say thank you so much! It's seriously so much fun and let's me get to know other book lovers and add to my ever growing TBR list!

  11. I can't seem to find the list with the books YOU completed for the challenge, Erin!! You didn't add your own link with the others ;) LOL

  12. I haven't participated in your book challenge yet but I've enjoyed following all of the updates on your Facebook group! Life has just been to hectic to commit to a challenge, but maybe I'll have a little extra time on my hands when your next challenge rolls around. :)

  13. That's awesome. I didn't finish, but I was only 1 shy and read some stuff that didn't count towards the challenge, so I'm happy with it.


  14. I envy you all for taking the time for yourself to read and do something you enjoy. I need to do this!!

  15. Sounds awesome..I'm definitely going to join the FB group.

  16. So happy to participate in another challenge :) Definitely plan to do better next time!

  17. I love book challenges but I never finish them! I need to get better at reading more. I love to read but I get distracted so easily!

  18. I WAS SO CLOSE. :/ 1.5 books until finish. Oh well. Priority last weekend was given to good friends. I will definitely try again in July. Assuming I get to read tons of fluff in between now and then! Either way, you're right I definitely read things I would not have before, and challenged myself due to your challenge. :) heheh XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  19. Thank you for doing this challenge! It's always so much fun and I love reading all the stats at the end. Can't wait till the next one!

  20. Woohoo. Erin, you have totally changed reading challenges for the better. So many participants reading so many books. It makes me smile to be in such good company. I can hardly wait for the announcement for the next round

  21. i know you don't care but i do, i WILL finish the next one! i swear it! haha

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