Friday, April 22, 2016

10 Things That Made Me Happy

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I am WAY overdue for this link-up.  I love the concept.  I used to participate somewhat regularly.  Then, I dropped the ball and never picked it back up.  Well, here I am again to share 10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week.
  1. Blogger love, support, and encouragement after some personal posts about some uncomfortable topics
  2. Even more support, encouragement, and assistance from a former high school teacher of mine and another close friend: I submitted a "letter to the editor"; first time for that; and without their help or support, I wouldn't have been brave enough to do it.  Now...let's see if it gets published.
  3. Blogger buddy surprise gift: This is not my regular choice of book, but after so many raving reviews, I was ready to put myself on the waitlist at the library for this one...only to discover Sydney didn't have it! I vented to Kristen at See You in a Porridge (a former Sydneysider and The Royal We lover). Lo and behold, look what arrived the very next week!
  4. Calling the husband in tears over something rather insignificant, and him taking the time to talk to me until I calmed down and was feeling better (and not making me feel silly about it.)
  5. My mother and I conversing with Viber "stickers"
  6. My aunt sending me a random "thinking of you ~ I love you" message while she was cutting green (spring) onions; random/weird fact about me: I could eat a whole bunch of green onions dipped in green goddess salad dressing in one sitting.  My breath may stank, but I'd luurrve it.
  7. I host a book challenge through a facebook group (Book Challenge by Erin); as my fourth installment of this challenge is drawing to a close, I have the most people to ever complete the challenge!  Hooray for books!
  8. Speaking of books, I'm co-hosting another bookish challenge in June, and we are getting some enthusiastic responses already!  If you're a booklover, take a look at our: Read My Books challenge.
  9. A cookie monster donut from Doughnut Time
  10. No, his loss didn't make me happy...but I have many happy memories of Mr. Prince Rogers Nelson; I made my university dance team performing to a medley of Prince songs including "Baby I'm a Star", slow dancing in junior high to "Purple Rain" with a boy that I had a major crush on, dancing at my mom's 60th birthday party with my female family members to "Kiss", learning more about sex from "Gett Off", "Pussy Control", and "Darling Nikki" than any sex ed class taught me, dancing in the aisles at a concert in Houston where black, white, brown, yellow, it just didn't matter, watching the greatest Super Bowl halftime performance that has ever been seen...and more. 
    Rest in Peace Your Purple Highness

Tell me, what are some things that made you happy this week?


  1. I love your comment about the education Prince provided you. Darling Nikki and Fast Times at Ridgemont High were my very first exposures to sex ed. Your book challenge has been fun! Hard to believe it's been 4 months already. Looking forward to June!

  2. Yayyyy for so many book challenge finishers and yayy that I actually am one of them! I suck at challenges.

    Prince was the inappropriate background music to my childhood. I received two albums the Christmas I turned 7, Thriller and Purple Rain. I still have them both!

  3. Gett Off if probably one of my favorite Prince songs. & So out of place admist my Christian music songs :) haha... I like it all, what can i say.
    How precious is Kristin sending you that book. I love her.

  4. I was absolutely devastated yesterday when I find out Prince had passed. He was from my home state, so he was one of "ours", if you will. So many of his songs represent a time in my life and the fact that there will be no new songs, is hard to accept. And big YAY to blogger support and friendship.

  5. I'm oddly emotional over Prince's death. I don't usually get upset but this one is affecting me. Most likely since he's been such an institution and now he's just gone. It's weird.

    Something that made me happy this week? Hmmm...spending 45 minutes fangirling hard over Dean Bakopoulos for next week's podcast and Steph totally indulging me.

  6. Yay for book surprise packages!! A great list to be happy about! Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. That's so awesome that Kristen sent you The Royal We! I can't wait to see what you think of it! I promise that I'm going to finish your book challenge by April 30th! I'm halfway through my second to last book, and I'm planning on finishing it this week! I love that you and mom talk in the Viber stickers! My friends and I will regularly talk in Bitmojis and it's awesome!

  8. Blogger love and support is THE BEST. Also ummm cookie monster donut?! Yes please!!!

  9. ugh i am THE worst at finishing challenges lately. i don't know why. next one for sure lol. i hope you like/don't hate the royal we. i love when KC takes my ridiculous things seriously, like i can realise i am being silly or insignificant and we can laugh about when i've calmed down, but not right now lol

  10. I'm glad so many things are making you happy.
    And The Royal We is one I've not tried because I'm always iffy about love stories. Let us all know!

  11. #4!! Sometimes all we need is just an ear and to be reassured it's gonna be alright.
    I hope you're getting lots of cuddles and couch time with the furries and I hope the ladies are behaving themselves. Or for the most part. Who am I kidding?! Lol.
    Love you!!

  12. I'm so sad about Prince, but agree with you that he does give me a lot of happy memories.

    Also, I'm so glad your book challenge had so many participants and finishers! That's awesome!


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