Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Disney: Confessions and Hashtags

Sooooo many of you bloggers have a very special place in your heart for all things Disney.  I don't have anything against Disney.  I think it is a fabulous cultural phenomenon.  I used to volunteer with Make-A-Wish, and the things they do for this organization is nothing short of miraculous.  But...I don't feel the Disney magic the way many do.  So, I've got some confessions to make...

Confessions about Disney: 

I've never seen Beauty and the Beast.  #irecordeditacoupleofweeksago

I've never seen The Little Mermaid.  #butithinkarialispretty

I don't have a favourite Disney princess.  #donthateme

Sometimes I wonder if I lost my membership card to the Girls' Club because of my lack of interest in Disney princesses.  #issomethingwrongwithme

My favourite Disney movie is The Fox & the Hound (no princess in site).  #istillcrywheniwatchit

What can I say?  I like the animal characters better than the people characters.  #notevensorry

I can name all the seven dwarfs without googling.  #youlljusthavetotrustme 

I am less than thrilled with the new Jungle Book adaptation.  #callmeoldfashioned

I've been to Disney Land multiple times.  I did live in So Cal for a year and had visitors.  #thatsmeintheyellowhat

I've been to Disney World once, but all I remember is Space Mountain.  #ilikerollercoasters

Oh, and I remember I was allowed to pick out one souvenir.  I picked a stuffed animal Pluto.  #notaprincess

It took me four tries to spell "souvenir" correctly.  #somewordsbedifficult

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  1. Wait wait wait wait wait. You have never seen Beauty and the Beast???? And you love books. I just found you your favorite princess, Belle!! Duh!!! Now get to watching. My sister was obsessed with The Fox and the Hound when she was little. That and Little Mermaid were her favorite movies. I think you would like Little Mermaid too because Sebastian the crab is hilarious!!! And in Beauty and the Beast Lumiere and Mrs Potts were some of my favorite characters.

  2. Even though I'm not now and never was big into Disney I love Beauty and The Beast, a princess who reads books can't be wrong!

  3. lol i def don't hold any of this against you! i had never been to the park until i moved here. i am not gonna lie i def don't have a disney fanatic bone in my body but i guess i get a little bit of a kid like joy when i go to the parks :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. Ok, ok.... I thought it was weird that you don't have a favorite princess (which is fix-able....), but your favorite movie is The Fox & the Hound??? Are you a sadist?? That's the ALL TIME WORST SADDEST MOST HORRIBLE Disney movie EVER. My husband and I can't stand it. Our children will never get to see it. We want to sue Disney for even producing it! Hahahahaha! I don't have a favorite princess either (I prefer Alice from AIW... gun to my head, I'd pick Cinderella from the "official list), but I'm so appalled at your confessions! Haha!

  5. You've never seen Beauty & the Beast OR The Little Mermaid?! Whaaaaaaaat?! Those are two of my favorites! But I like the "Princesses" better than the animal ones - however, I have a special place in my heart for Robin Hood, Oliver & Company & Aristocats. :)

  6. Oh my gosh - I am literally shocked at the Beauty & the Beast thing. You MUST change that soon!!! Dont make me come down the Australia & force you to watch it :)

    Nope - I'm not thrilled of the Jungle Book remake either.

    Oh gosh - I had to laugh at Audrey's comment above - I feel the same way about The Fox & the Hound - its HEARTWRENCHING!

  7. The Fox and the Hound is the one movie I cannot watch more than once a decade. I can't handle all of my ugly tears.

  8. Umm... I don't remember the Fox and the Hound. I was very much into Disney when I was a kid (I even had Little mermaid bedding!), but I haven't seen most of the newer ones. Not sure you'll enjoy it as much as an adult, but I do want to know your thoughts once you watch!

  9. Please go watch Beauty and the Beast! It's the best Disney movie, although I'm very biased because Belle is my favorite. So my confession about Disney movies is that I hated The Fox and The Hound. I got it for my birthday one year, watched it once, cried my eyes out, and haven't watched it since. It was just too sad for me! All the other Disney movies with animals in it are awesome though! I still think they're version of Robin Hood is awesome!

  10. I'm not a princess fan either, I never got into them, even as a kid when I was significantly more 'girly' than I am now. I've ALWAYS been an animal person! My favorite is Oliver and Company, it's so stinkin cute. I'd pick all the animal movies over princess ones. But I'd pick all non-animated movies over the animated Disney ones. Like Mighty Ducks, Tom and Huck, Cool Runnings, all the real classics ;)

  11. Now that I think about it, I"m not sure if I have a "favorite" Disney Princess. I tend to prefer the animal characters too. :) Now I live in LA, about 30-40 minutes from Disneyland and have never been there and I'm a big Disney fan. But I hate amusement parks. I'm scared of heights and literally cry when I ride a roller coaster, which is acceptable when you're five, but so much when you're 40! LOL! My family is coming to visit me this summer, so we are going there, of course. I'm excited to see all my favorite characters but hell no, I won't go a roller coaster. Because, somehow, I doubt Prince Charming will come rescue me!

  12. Well, I grew up in a Disney house, so I still love it so much. BUT, when I was a kid, and people asked, "Who's your favorite Princess?" answer was always, "Princess Leia." Kind of funny that she is technically now a Disney Princess too...

  13. Okay so I was all set to totally be on board with this post just from your intro, because while I agree with a lot of bloggers that Disney is cool, I'm not obsessed and I just like the company, ya know, a normal amount. But then you went and said you'd never seen what are my two very favorite Disney movies! Belle is my favorite by a mile—she should be yours too, for her love of books :) But I love the animal movies too. Lady and the Tramp and 101 Dalmations, anyone!?

  14. I don't really get why people loooooove Disney either, like having to go every year, that kind of love. I just see it as an expensive place where I'll take my kids one day, but probably only a handful of times over several years. Oh, and I'm not into princesses either, though I've watched lots of princess Disney movies. My daughter, on the other hand, is on her way to being princess-obsessed.

  15. well. i hope you enjoyed our friendship because now it's over. how can i be friends with someone who has never seen beauty and the beast or the little mermaid?! i'll make you a deal, you watch b&tb and i'll watch grease 2. haha.

  16. Hahahah to Kristen's comment.
    It's no secret that I'm a Disney Fanatic. But I don't judge you. I'm not a Star Wars fanatic, if that levels us out? Do you love Star Wars? I don't even know. Anyway, Star Wars is ruining my Disney mojo.
    Fox and the Hound was one of my faves. My BFF at the time was Todd and I was Copper. My favoritest Disney movie ever is Hercules. "Somebody call XI-I-I!" I mean, thank you Disney for your sly humor that I didn't understand until I was an adult. If I had to pick a princess, I'd say Rapunzel just because she gets to hang out with Flynn Ryder (hubba hubba) and paper lanterns are awesome. Also, she can rock a short hair style. If picked a "Classic" princess, I'd say Ariel, because Little Mermaid was my freakin' JAM when I was a kid. Singing along and screaming at my sister to quit singing the melody was MY ENTIRE WORLD.. not just a part of your world..

    Also, I wish there was less focus on the princesses and more focus on the strong women: Megara, Pocahontas, Mulan. Those bitches took control and made shit happen. I mean, yeah I'd question the whole selling your soul to the devil for love, but Megara is my animated spirit animal... I think it's the name. But she wouldn't say she's in love? She's such a sucker.

    Ok, I think this comment is long enough. And it's like a month late, but it was important enough that it warranted a comment almost a month after the go live date. #DISNEYFANATIC4LIFE


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