Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Blogger Love for Book Challengers

What is it?:  Book Challenge by Erin 5.0

Where is it?:  On this facebook page

When is it?:  July 1, 2016 - October 31, 2016 - still time to join us!

Why?:  Books!  That's why.  Plus, the facebook page is an interactive group of fellow book lovers and readers from all over the world.  Currently, we have participants living in Australia, Canada, Guam, England, India, Scotland, Switzerland, Germany, and the USA (20+ states represented)...that I know of. 

Who is it?:  Me!  I try to be as stress-free, supportive, and encouraging as possible.  For me, this is a super fun activity to read books and converse with fellow reading enthusiasts.  Plus...these fantastic bloggers...and more facebook friends who joined the reading party!

Andrea at Andrea's Adventures

Ashley at The Wandering Weekenders

Audrey Louise at Life as Louise

Bevchen at Confuzzledom

Brie at A Slice of Brie

Cat at KittyKittyLaLa

Christina at Easily Entertained (although she's taking a blog hiatus)

Dani at Faster Than Forever

Deb at Pen In Her Hand

Ericka at A Quiet Girl's Musings of a World That Talks Too Much

Gwen at Confessions of a Gila Monster

Heather at Heather's Hurrah

Heather at I Do What I Want (another on a blog hiatus)

Jamie at Whatever I Think Of

Jen at It's My Life...

Jenn at Optimization Actually

Jenn at Quirky Pickings

Jordan at Loca for Language

Kaity at (Bee)autiful Blessings

Karen at Run Wright

Kelli at Kellibeans

Kristen at Divulge and Indulge

Kristen at See You in a Porridge

Kristin at Stuff, Things, etc.

Megan at Can I Decide Another Day?

Michelle at Michelle Lately

Priyanka at Cookie Crumbs Inc.

Sabrina at By Breenah

Sanch at Living My Imperfect Life

Tanya at A Mindful Migration

So far, FIVE HUNDRED and FORTY books have been selected for this 5.0 challenge! 


  1. why do you have to capitalize my shit. :] (just kidding.)

  2. Yay!!! That's so exciting! I can't wait for the challenge to start!

  3. Whoohoo! I have my first book on the way to my hold shelf at the library since the library will be closed all weekend and I need to start reading Monday!

  4. I can't believe that July and the reading challenge is right around the corner! I need to make sure to pack some books for our weekend away so hopefully I can get started!

  5. Thanks for the love, lady! I'm off to check out some of the other super-duper readers!

  6. Thanks for posting that I can follow along on others' blogs! I have my first two books from the library, so I'm ready for Friday! :)

  7. Hot dang! Look at all the participation. That's exciting!

  8. Ok ok ok I will join your page with the intention of doing this challenge. But lets be honest....I have only completed one reading challenge in my life and it was just barely. Haha. But intentions are what matter, right? :)

  9. Whoa, that's a LOT of people, how fun! Finally linked up! I put it on the FB page. Excited to start this challenge!!

  10. That's an impressive number of books!

    I had a terrible reading month in June and only completed one category for Megan's challenge so I'm hoping July brings only fabulous reads that I can't put down.

    1. p.s. a friend of mine from Germany read my blog post then joined the Facebook group :-) I've just discovered her list.

  11. Ok, I have completed all the categories.


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