Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Thursday Thoughts on Tuesday vol.5

Nope.  It's not Thursday.  But, Jana and I have a playlist to share this Thursday, so we're having Thursday Thoughts on Tuesday.  Yes, I could've skipped it this week, but I had thoughts to share.

  • Are you over the story about Ryan Lochte and his co-horts yet?  Yes?  Well, I just have one thing to say...(and I already said it on twitter)...If I live long enough to never hear "boys will be boys" used to justify inexcusable behavior ever again, then I will die a happy woman.  What arrogant pricks.

  • Speaking of pricks........I'm going to guess most all of you were able to avoid this news story that happened in Melbourne.  Let me share it with you so you can be infuriated with me:  Judge sympathises with Children's Court guard who had sex with 'wordly' 14-year-old  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, rape culture continues to be alive and well...sentences for offenders continue to be laughable.  Apparently, this magistrate went to the same "how to be a douche bag judge" school as the judge who gave Brock Turner (the Stanford swimmer rapist) his ridiculous punishment.  I give zero fucks if this 14 year old girl lied about her age and was overtly sexual or promiscuous. She was outside the Children's Court when she met the 32 year old man.  Maybe she was at the Court because her parents are in the midst of a custody battle for her, or she's a ward of the state, or has lived in group homes and witnessed sexual acts, or has been sexually abused herself.  She's 14.  I don't care what provocative clothes she wore, or if she claims to enjoy sex, or if she comes on to older men.  The 32 year old is the adult, he is in the wrong, and the judge is also in the wrong for feeding him with excuses and giving him such a light sentence.  What lesson have they taught this 14 year old?  What message has been sent?  What help is she receiving?  My blood is boiling.

  • Since my blood is already boiling, let me share another story from Australia that you may have missed...a female fan attending an AFL (Australian Football League) game threw a banana ate an indigenous football player.  A banana.  Her attempt at implying he is a monkey.  Yes, disgusting displays of racism are alive and well in all corners of the world.  In her apology, she claims "I regret my momentary lapse of judgement and I did not attend the game with the predetermined attitude of bringing the game into disrepute or to offend anyone."  So, did she just bring that banana as a snack?  If not, I'd say it was "predetermined" and not just a "momentary lapse of judgement." 

Deep breaths......... 

Shall we move along to happier stories?  Yes, we shall.

  • There are two times during the year that I especially enjoy the flood of pictures from my friends and family on facebook - their kiddos on the first day of school and their kiddos in Halloween costumes.  I mean, I enjoy pics other times too, but these two times of the year are especially fun.

  • The Axl-Slash-Duff version of Guns N Roses is coming to Australia in February! 

  • One of our televisions has decided to not work anymore.  The husband will want to replace that.  Last week, we had to shell out $800 for a car repair.  Dontcha just hate unplanned expenses for non-fun stuff? 

  • How fantastic is this news story??:  Mobile shower van for homeless hits Brisbane streets  The duo offering this service already introduced the world's first mobile free laundry for the homeless.  What fantastic ideas and proof that two people can make a difference to others and their community.

Meme of the week:

Happy Thursday Tuesday to you! 


  1. That lady with the firemen is just the best!

  2. Bugger waiting to turn 105. I want a burly, tattooed fireman EVERY birthday! ��������

    And yes, the dudes at Orange Sky ROCK

  3. The 105 year-old is seriously the cutest. What a birthday wish :) Haha!

    It's irritating how wrong the "justice" system is- here and in Australia, apparently. And while my blood isn't as hot as yours about the Lochte + others issue, it does irritate me that some people look at fame as a hall pass for acting stupidly and dangerously. No they didn't hurt anyone (except their reputations), but they really could have and it's not ok to act a'fool in someone elses house.

  4. I saw that story about the showers a few weeks ago. I love that they do that.

  5. omg those first few posts. i was already raging with the ryan stuff and then that judge and the girl. and JUST NO. all the shit that white men (boys, really) are getting away with astonishes me. and the banana thing. good lord. ANYWAY the 105 year old is someone to look up to. she's fantastic!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  6. Wow, yes, my blood was boiling as well with all that shit - Lochte, the rape & the banana throwing (really?!). I just do not understand! Ugh! But thank you for ending with some happy stuff & getting my blood temperature back down. :)

  7. Ha! That meme!!! A huge WTF to both news stories, but especially that first one. Ughhhhh just WTF?! And I agree with the whole boys will be boys excuse. That works for five year old boys who are a little rowdy, not adults acting like fools!!!

  8. Yeahhhhh - I needed to get to the happier stories too because I was ready to punch something.
    I love that 105 yr old lady - that's how you enjoy life :)
    I just heard a place here in a poor area of town - the kids attendance was so low because they didnt have clean clothes so someone donated washing machines at the school & families signed up for time slots to come use it - & it increased the attendance by like 68% - CRAZY. The simple things of baths & laundry. Things we overlook so easily

  9. I hate that the world is such a depressing place so often.

    Sounds like you need to turn to Craigslist to see if you can find a tv. They have that in AUS right? Save some dollas.

    I wish getting up the morning was correlated to my chances of winning the lottery....

    Boys will be boys makes me irrationally ragey.

  10. I'm so glad Lochte is losing sponsors and I hope they stay away. And I'm so sick and tired of alcohol and "boys will be boys" excuses too. First off, Ryan is in his 30s. He is not a boy but a grown ass man. It's truly no wonder that so many think Americans are douches when that's all they get to see. And story #2 is making me so dang fired up. WTF!!! So thank goodness for happier stories. Axl and Slash back together just makes me happy. And the 105 year old lady - so awesome and I want a burly tattooed fireman for my birthday too. But next year, okay? :)

  11. I love the photo of the 105 year old woman, hahaha. And what a fun idea to do this on Tuesday instead of Thursday :) I hate expensive (and unforeseen!) car repairs!!!

  12. I'm glad you followed up those horrendous news stories with some lighter ones, because RAGE. Rape culture infuriates me. The fact that I'm constantly on edge when I'm walking alone in a non-crowded area or when it's getting dark is bad enough...but to add onto it the fear that if something were to happen to me, I might be blamed for being alone or for wearing whatever I was wearing...it's horrible. And I'll be brief now: Lochte is a raging idiot and that racist woman is a horrible person. Lighter note: I LOVE seeing kids in their Halloween costumes! I'm hoping we get lots of trick-or-treaters to our house!

  13. I am really glad that you put the happy stories at the end of this post because I was about to go completely all out rage. I hope that if I lived to be 105 that's what I want for my birthday or something similar!

  14. the thing is, now every adult can spout that shit and say the kid said this or that? who cares if the kid did say that, you are right - the adult is the adult and is in the wrong, end of fucking story. rage. i can't believe it about the woman throwing the banana.. how disgusting. what a horrible person.
    bahahaha that meme is hilarious. and Ivena is my kinda lady. i might request firefighters for my next birthday, 30 is just as good as 105. haha!

  15. I was so confused at first because I swore it wasn't Thursday! I'm with you on loving 1st day of school kid pics.

  16. I'm TOTALLY over Ryan Lochte. Dude, you're not Michael Phelps, you're a total douche and your 15 minutes of fame are over. Stop acting like a fool in order to push it to 20 minutes of fame.


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