Friday, December 9, 2016


Eight years ago, I landed on Australian soil and began my life as an "expat".  Honestly, I'm not sure that I even knew the term "expat" then.  What I did know...this was going to be a massive life change and challenge with new adventures in store for me. 

The term "rollercoaster ride" is often used as a metaphor for life when we experience peaks and valleys, highs and lows, twists and turns, fear and exhilaration. The last 8 years of my life could be described by all of these things and more. 

And, would you look at that. Bon Jovi has a song on their new album titled "Roller Coaster", and it's one of my faves.  How fitting.   

Happy "expativersary" to me!


  1. you know, you don't need to say that a bon jovi song is one of your faves. i'm pretty sure we ALL KNOW all the bon jovi songs are your faves.

    i like that picture of you.

    happy expativersary. when are you coming to texas again?

  2. Yay! Happy Expativersary!!
    (I'm sure you've mentioned it... probably multiple times...but what led you to Australia?)

  3. Look at you with your lil pigtails, adorable! :)

  4. Happy Expativersary, Erin!! What a great picture! And what a huge leap of faith too. A well-lived life is always a roller-coaster - at least that is what I remind myself when I'm in one of those valleys. :D And hopefully today is one of those peak days for you!

  5. Look at you :)
    I'm like Audrey - I was curious what led you there too... is there a love story that is involved?
    Expat - I've never heard of that term before. You're always teaching :)

  6. Happy expativersary! +1 for some comments above me; would love to hear about the circumstances that brought you down under!

  7. Happy expativersary! Woohoo! I hope you celebrate in style

    I second the request for your path to expathood. I'm intrigued!

  8. Happy expatiaversary!! I still think it's a badass thing that you left the US for Australia.

  9. Happy expatiaversary! I would also love to hear more of your story. :)

  10. Happy expativersary! You are brave for taking that leap!


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