Monday, December 5, 2016

My mother as a pin-up

I've been on a roll with tattoos lately.  I'd had a "wishlist", and I've been knocking those out since finding my little superstar of an artist, Melanie Milne.  In October, I got a tattoo in honor of my dad, and I mentioned one was in the works in honor of my mom too. 

My mother taught baton twirling in my early childhood.  She can still pick up a baton and do some pretty impressive tricks with it.  She taught me in my early years.  We marched in parades and went to competitions.  She was/is energetic and enthusiastic, and everyone loved/loves her.

Me...during my baton twirling career
Rewind to times before my childhood...and before she was my mom...this woman was a drum major during the 1960s.  Not just any drum major, but she led a band of over 300 members, and this band's claim to fame during their tenure was they played the National Anthem during the opening of the Houston Astrodome. 

I used to work with a guy that went to high school with my mom.  He told me that when she took the field that all eyes were on her.  He may have been slightly infatuated all those years later. 

Fast forward...I'd always wanted a pin-up of some sort, and I wanted a tattoo inspired by my mother.  Drum majors, majorettes, baton twirlers, and even pin-ups are "Americana" identities.  It just seemed to work together.  In fact, when I told my tattoo artist my idea, her reply was "that is sooo American, and I love it!"

So, here we are.  She's working.  I'm wincing (in pain).  We're both singing to Eagles Greatest Hits vol.2 and talking about her recent trip to New Zealand.

And...the finished project...I just love her!  (her as in the tattoo, my mom, and Mel, my artist)

My mom has her own sound when she sends me a viber message.  I heard it as I was getting the tattoo.  She asked what I was doing.  So, I sent this in return.  Let me clarify, my mom doesn't like my tattoos, so I had to tell her to not be mad.

Her response was that it was "nice", but she hoped the picture was just a drawing on paper and not on my body.  Ha! 

What do you do that drives your mother crazy?


  1. That's a great idea for a tattoo! As a member of that group of marching/twirling high school kids, I can say that I hope the pictures in the yearbook are immortalized in a good way. I'm kind of afraid to look back at them now.

    Things I do that drive my mother crazy: ordering everything online (instead of going to brick and mortar stores), moving all over the country, and letting my dogs on the couch and the bed.

  2. My mother hates, HATES that I don't listen to voicemail. And that I don't text her when I get home after driving back from her house. And that I don't update her with every mundane detail of my life.

    I feel like if I got a tattoo of my mother, she'd pay me back for it. Or want to, anyway.

  3. Haha, your mother's reaction amuses me :-D

    My mum has two tattoos of her own so she can't complain about what I put on my body ;-)

    What do I do that drives her crazy? Refuse to give her grandchildren mostly. (Note: I do not "refuse"... I want kids. But she interprets it that way because it hasn't happened yet).

  4. i dig it. :]

    what do i do that drives my mother crazy? i know you've seen the photos of my room. my car looks about the same. i cuss like a sailor. i'm lazy as fuck.

    when i asked her just now what i do that drives her crazy, she said, "obsess about things. overwork it."

  5. Your moms response... so typical 'mom' ;)
    That tattoo is just the coolest. I love the vintage of it & the meaning. You're mom has to love it, even if she doesn't admit it ;)
    That picture of you with your baton. HOW STINKIN CUTE!!!

  6. I love it! My mom is cool with my tats, it's my grandfather that doesn't like them even though he's birthstone color is apart of one of mine.

    I love the story behind it & it is a beautiful tat. You're making it hard for me to keep up with you! Ha!

  7. Hahahahaha. My mom hates my tattoo, too. I just have the deathly hallows on the inside of my ankle but she glares at me when I'm running around with bare feet. Lol. My dad was like, "meh" when I told them. (And a large chuck of my family doesn't even know.)
    I love your tattoo! I think that's SO special and awesome that it's a pin-up AND your mom! I want to get a very simple elephant someday in honor of my mom and also the eye-opening stuff I learned while in India (a trip funded by my mom/parents) and (hopefully) in honor of kids we have someday- since elephants are some of the best animal-mothers out there. So someday I'm planning on getting a simple elephant on my forearm inside my elbow.
    But not yet ;)

  8. Love!!! I've always wanted a pin-up tattoo of my Mom too!!! ❤️

  9. I love that you got a tattoo that reminds you of your mom, and that all of your tattoos have a special meaning to you. Also so cool that your mom played the National Anthem during the opening of the Astrodome!

  10. aw i just love this! so american haha. i'm thinking your mom will grow to love it just like my mom loves the one i got for her. your mom was (and is!) a stunner! another great piece of art girlfriend!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  11. All I have to do is say the phrase, "pissed off," and my mom goes bonkers. LOL!

  12. Always little things. When I visit her at work I always move her swipe card. She keeps it in the same slot all the time and whenever I'm in the store I move it somewhere else.

  13. lol @ your mom's response. i LOVE this tattoo. love the meaning, love the drawing, love love love it.

  14. It's a beautiful tattoo and I love that it will remind you of the knockout that your Mama was!


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