Saturday, January 24, 2015

For Cat Parents Only (because they are possibly the only ones who will enjoy this post)

Long story that I'm trying to write as concise as possible:

Once upon a time, I didn't like cats. I was scared of them, and I was convinced that they sensed my fear and would prey on that weakness. Me being their prey. I was ready for an attack, a hiss, or a scratch anytime I was around a cat.

I loved dogs and pretty much always had a dog in my life. 

My guy enters the picture. He likes dogs AND cats. Love is about compromise. So, I agreed to get a cat. Actually, we adopted three adorable kittens from the Animal Welfare League.  Kittens grew up and are now a little over a year old. I am a cat convert, I love them, and I'm such a crazy cat lady happy cat mama. 

Fast forward to now...I'm still learning about cats and cat behavior. I found myself googling this:

Well, because of this:

Yep, Astro loves to sit on my face, sleep on my head, and be a kitty scarf around my neck. I needed to ask Mr. Google "why?". 

My "research"* findings were this:
  • "He's displaying immense trust" and feels safe with me. - well, that's a good thing, right?
  • He adores me. - duh, who wouldn't?
  • It's the ultimate expression of affection. - awwww, that's so sweet
  • Not only is he "sharing his love", but he's "sharing his scent" too. - uhm, what?
  • "If any other kitties come around, they'll know you already belong to another cat" because he has spread his personal smell on me. - I don't know what to say about this.
  • He's being dominant.  In a household with more than one cat "sleeping on your face puts the top cat at the highest point". - I think some people would say this means he's just being an asshole to the other cats.
There you have it; I think this means Astro loves me.

I can't post this without showing off my other two pretty kitties who don't sit on their
mama's face but still show their love in other special ways (like watching me take a bath which is what they're doing in this photo). 
Ricky & Ivy



  1. We had a cat for a little bit after getting married and he would always sit on my shoulder while I was at the computer. Your kitties are pretty :)

  2. lol, that's sooo cute! My new kitty isn't that extreme, she likes to sleep on my head at night, and she loves mushing her face against mine.

    They're all so cute! Yay for 3 cats :)

  3. I used to have a cat that would lay across my neck and suck on my earlobe. He was such a momma's boy. Love sweet kitties.

  4. Aww, your cats clearly love you! :) They are adorable. And I am happy that you are a crazy cat lady as well. :) My cats love to sleep all over my body and of course I let them because it makes me feel so loved. :) And they also watch me when I take a bath. They won't leave the bathroom at all while I am in the tub. :)

  5. hahaha i love this so much. i have always been a cat and a dog person - my husband was all dog. i convinced him to get one, and now we have 3. cats are the bomb. love them.

  6. I miss having a cat. But I have a bunny which is pretty much the same only without the purring. Or the face sitting.


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