Saturday, January 17, 2015

Thoughts #22 - Jenner

I can't say that I ever expected to write a blog piece about a Kardashian or a Jenner, but here it goes.......

Bruce Jenner should be allowed to be anyone he wants to be.

I'll say that again: Bruce Jenner should be allowed to be anyone he wants to be.

As long as he isn't causing harm to another human being (or animal), and he isn't breaking any laws, then Bruce Jenner should be allowed to be anyone he wants to be.

Yes, I said that three times.  I am SO tired of Hollywood tabloids criticizing his appearance, speculating if he is cross-dressing or choosing to transition to a woman.  If that is what he wants to do, shouldn't he be shown respect, even compassion?  I know, I know.  He chose to be on a reality television show with his family.  This choice catapulted him into the world as a topic for celebrity tabloid news (even though he was definitely the most normal voice on the show.  Why does anyone still watch this show?!  Why did I ever watch it, because I admit it...I watched the first season.  Enough already.  I'm going off on a tangent). 

Bruce Jenner won the GOLD MEDAL for the DECATHLON at the 1976 Summer Olympics.  The freakin' gold medal for the freakin' decathlon.  A sport where you actually compete to be the best in ten different events.  He even set the World Record at the time.  I was three years old when this happened (geez, go ahead, do the math, figure out how old I am).  I was only three, yet I remember Bruce Jenner on the Wheaties box.  He made that much of an impact.

Since that time...many things have happened.  Along the way, he had some cosmetic surgery (along with the majority of the rest of Southern California residents that have a considerable amount of money).  He married a woman, they blended their families, he agreed to take part in a ridiculous reality show, he divorced, and I don't think he is on that reality show anymore.

Now, all I ever hear or see about Bruce is his hairstyle, fingernail length, plastic surgery, and questioning if he is changing his gender to a woman.  IF Bruce wants to do this, it is HIS business as well as his children's and loved ones.  It should not be open fodder and target season to judge, mimic, ridicule, or speculate.  It has turned into bullying.  I am against bullying.

The fact that InTouch magazine published a photo and article that is obviously false and filled with irresponsible "journalism" is inexcusable.  Apparently, the photo on the right is an actress from Dynasty; the photo on the left is supposed to be what Bruce wants to look like. 
Read article criticizing In Touch here with above photo credit
I am guilty of buying the occasional trash tabloid magazine.  I admit it.  But, I will never, ever purchase In Touch again.  Plus, this has made me reconsider all the tabloid crap magazines that I may purchase in the future.  This is NOT behavior I want to continue or condone.  By giving them my money, I am condoning it and continuing to ask for further "articles" like this.  Please reconsider your purchases as well.

Bruce Jenner (like he's really going to read this, but if he did, this is for him): I support you being whoever you want to be.  Live your life to be fulfilled and happy in the best possible way that works for you.  Love your children.  Love your life.  Forget the haters.

Bruce Jenner should be allowed to be anyone he wants to be.

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