Thursday, November 3, 2016

Currently... linking up vol.8

Laughing..... at myself.  Tuesday, it was "Melbourne Cup Day" here in Australia.  Think the Kentucky Derby on steroids.  They call it "the race that stops the nation."  Women wear pretty spring dresses and fascinators (sp?) in their hair.  What are fascinators you ask?  Pretty hats with flowers or feathers.  Offices throw parties for their staff.  Pubs are busy with fanfare all afternoon.  I show up to work and notice all the lovely ladies dressed up today.  What was I wearing?  A black shirt, black pinstripe pants, black flats, and my hair in a clip...the most UN-Melbourne Cup Day attire possible.  I bought a flower and threw that in my hair.  Best I could do.

Admiring..... this cover of People magazine. I've made some lousy choices with men in my life, but when I picked my lifetime celebrity crush, I did well. This man just keeps getting better and better.

that Ericka thought of me when she saw the People story. We Jovi girls stick together. 

Tallying..... all the books read for Book Challenge by Erin 5.0.  After 4 months, we wrapped up at the end of October.  Hosting this book challenge brings me a lot of joy, and I love being a part of community that encourages each other to read.  Next one will be held January 1, 2017 - April 30, 2017 with categories announced December 1st!

Participating..... in other book challenges too:  Semi-Charmed Winter Book Challenge, Aussie Author Challenge, Around the World in 80 Books, USA Reading Roadtrip; Yep.  I love a good book challenge. 

Finding.....  new books to read.  Goodreads announced nominees for Goodreads Choice Awards 2016.  I blew up my "to read" list (as if it wasn't ridiculously long already) looking at all the books nominated.

Reading.....  I Hear the Sirens in the Street by Adrian McKinty.

Watching.....  movies for the fall film challenge; Okay.  Let's be honest.  I'm not watching many.  I'm pretty sure I've watched the least amount of movies in this challenge than I've ever watched before, but I've watched a few.  One that I watched was Pride & Prejudice.  I'd never read the book, and I'd never seen the movie.  I finally watched the movie, and yes, it was lovely.  Damn, that last scene between Kiera Knightly and Donald Sutherland is acted to perfection.

Looking.....  forward to cracking open a bottle of wine that a customer gave us this week to thank us for years of good customer service.  How nice is that? 

Wearing..... a headband.  You see, I have this super stylish friend that I've known for almost 30 years.  He's also super sarcastic (one of the reasons that we are friends.)  He shared a pic of Sandy in Grease singing "Hopelessly Devoted to You" and said that he was going to bring headbands back into fashion.  I replied that I still wear them as I'm not one to follow "what's it" and "what's out" kind of rules.  So, yea, I busted out a headband this week :)
Needing..... to read some blogs.  I'm usually pretty good with devoting a little bit of time everyday to this wacky world of the blogosphere, but I feel like I've gotten behind lately.  I'm sure no one has noticed.  I'm the one who has noticed.   

Announcing..... a new email for the blog; it's now

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  1. Thanks for hosting the challenge -it was fun (despite Shogun taking over my life for weeks!).

    Oh yeah... Goodreads and its temptations. I literally have over 1,000 books on my to-read list now. How am I ever going to get round to them?!

  2. You are such a fantastic challenge host - I really appreciate the facebook group for all the pretty pictures of books and general interaction between participants :) I only wear headbands when I'm feeling lazy because my bangs don't fit into a ponytail very well, but yours looks SO nice! The bottle of wine from customers is nice too - enjoy it! :)
    PS - I also blew up my TBR list thanks to the Goodreads choices awards. A few books I'd never even heard of on there!!

  3. JBJ is like fine wine -- he gets better with age.

  4. I am so behind on reading blogs and I'm actually ashamed to admit what my blog feed says. However I'm trying to plow through them today and get to everybody's post because I feel super guilty and I'm starting to feel like myself again so I can get back to blogging. That is a pretty awesome people magazine cover! Also headbands have always been in haven't they? I still rock on all the time.

  5. i don't think i ever dressed up for melbourne cup haha except maybe once at school? i remember they pulled us all into the library to watch it, and the only other time that happened was 9/11 (not trying to make a joke! but yeah, they really stop the nation including schooling). the flower you put in your hair is fabulous.
    SPEAKING OF FABULOUS IT IS FABULOUS THAT YOU LOVED P&P see i knew we were twins/besties meant to be!

  6. I've been terrible with blog reading this week, too. It's a forgiving bunch so I don't think you have much to worry about.

    Speaking of Aussie authors, did you see that Melina Marchetta has a new book? I am very excited to read it!

  7. Ha, I love your Melbourne Cup outfit. Crazy that it's bigger than the Kentucky Derby...! P&P with Kiera Knightly is so lovely. The cinematography is gorgeous and I love the dreamy soundtrack. May or may not have walked down the aisle to that one... :) I've not been watching many movies either. Not even Halloween/Fall staples... : / I finally caught up on some blog reading yesterday. I was way behind with the holiday. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  8. I received two (!) jaunty tropical fabric headbands in a subscription box recently and am still struggling to work out how on earth to wear them. You've given me inspiration! I think your hair flower is perfectly jaunty and a lot more stylish than some of the Melbourne Cup getups I have seen.

  9. "I could not have parted with you, my dear Lizzie, to anyone less worthy." Yes, I've seen P&P a few times. So glad you liked it!
    I'm off to check out the GoodReads Choice awards right now! Because obviously I need to double my TBR list...

  10. You be bringing headbands back!!!! Ha! Cute. I also like the cute flower in your hair & next year, you will remember that day. :)

  11. Thanks again for hosting the book challenge. It was so much fun! Jon Bon Jovi - an excellent crush and he looks better today than he did when I was 12. It's actually a little unfair!

  12. I love your challenge so much, and I'm already waiting for the next list to come out! Thank goodness it's only a month away! Jon Bon Jovi really does just get better with age. How is it that it happens that way for a lot of men but not really women? And I'm so glad that you loved Pride and Prejudice! I seriously think that it's one of the most beautiful movies ever!

    1. Agreed. I can't wait for December 1st to start picking a new TBR. I'll be in the middle of another challenge (Megan's) but Erin's challenge is usually so fun.

  13. Oh my goodreads list blew up even more with that list too - I need more time to read, ha!

    Stopping by from the link up :)

  14. WOW, I did not realize how good Jon Bon Jovi still looks. Good choice, for sure ;)

    I still wear headbands too! I think you're supposed to call them ~ hair accessories ~ now or something, but whatever. When I chopped off a foot of my hair and realized I couldn't style it with curls or anything like I used to, I bought a few headbands to feel like I could at least do something other than wear it down and straight. I had no idea I'd been so out of and then back in fashion!

  15. I did the same thing with the Goodreads nominated books. I was shocked how FEW of them I've read or even heard of!!!!
    I live in KY & dont even get dressed up for the Kentucky Derby so you did good with your flower :)
    Bon Jovi - like fine wine!

  16. I'm such a fan of your book challenges and you as a host. They're my favorite! I still wear headbands, too.... Ha. Some of them give me headaches but the stretchy ones are great! (Also, I know it's not the point of the People cover, but I LOVE Prince Harry's new gf...)

  17. The cup day sounds interesting. I think your effort is about the level of mine haha. Ummm helllllooooo Bon Jovi! He lookin' good! Haha! I am always impressed with your book challenge game. I cant keep up!

  18. I just found your friend Ericka's blog and subscribed to her too.
    You did pick a great lifetime crush - he does seem to get better looking with age.
    I love the flower in your hair.
    Did you start reading for Megan's challenge yet?

  19. Damn Bon Jovi looks GOOD!! I haven't heard much from him lately but he's one of my favorite old time singers. Thanks for linking up with us :)

  20. Thanks, girl, for the love! Yes, we Jovi girls stick together! Have a good one!


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