Thursday, November 17, 2016

Stuff and Things vol.7

Let's jump right into this, shall we?
I've been busy.  We all get busy.  Question for you: if you get busy and you feel that you aren't reading blogs or answering comments in the timeframe that you want, do you stop posting?  Or do you continue posting and just catch up when you can?  I know there isn't a "right" or "wrong" answer to this question...I'm just interested in how others handle this. 

The election.  So much to say.  So many things have been said.  One friend of mine from high school has been teaching internationally for the last ten years.  She is currently in South America.  She has also lived in the Ukraine, Asia, and (if I remember correctly) Portugal.  She has been vocal on facebook.  One person asked: "Why do you care?  You haven't lived in the U.S. for years?"  Many others handled this question appropriately.  I responded to just count me into that category of "American citizen living in another country who still cares."  But, I really just wanted to post this gif:

I am inspired by this friend of mine.  She later posted that twice a year she scores essays for an international college and has done so for years.  She is going to use the money earned from that task and donate to two causes that she believes in - Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.  I love this.  It could be any causes or worthy organizations.  But, I love the examination of what she, as an individual, can give and supporting groups that she feels are deserving.

We had a woman drop of her watch for a battery one day.  She picked it up the next day.  When doing so, she received a document listing her item that she left, the work that will be done to it, and the amount owed.  We have MASSIVE, bright "Closing Down" signs in our window.  When she came back to pick up her watch, she said "oh, well, you're closing down...I don't think I should have to pay anything since you can't offer me a warranty."  For an $18 service.  Maybe she shouldn't have left it in the first place.  Am I getting overly annoyed with the general public as closing draws nearer?  Maybe.  I just need all idiots to stay away.

I signed up for a 10k walk (walk, not run) that's happening March 2017.  I'm in the worst shape I've ever been.  I gotta start somewhere, and I have a super duper friend who motivated me to do this walk together.  Plus, it supports the Starlight Children's Foundation which is a great cause.  Double plus, it's called "A Walk with a Finish for Foodies".  That's right.  At the end, there will be "Picnic Market stalls for gourmet treasures including cheese, cured meats, artisan breads, crafty beer and boutique wines." 
We've all seen little sayings/memes like the one above, right?  I guess that I am a dog.  I am motivated by food.  I'm not ashamed.  I rather like dogs. 

When we close the shop, I'll be changing library that I frequent.  I've gotten carried away by this fact.  It seems like I'm trying to get all the books before I change, and a lot of my reserves are coming in.  Currently, I have 10 things checked out, and I've received notice for 4 more things to pick up.

During a major "Spring Clean" about a month or so ago, I found some leftover Christmas cards that I planned to use this year.  Do you think I remember what I did with them?  Nope.

Making my Christmas list...why is it every year that I get to those important men in my life (my husband, my dad, my brother), and I can never figure out what to get them? They are also the ones that are no help...they tell me that they don't need anything and to not buy them a present. 

What do you buy those "hard to buy for" men in your life??

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  1. I guess I am a dog too then.

    Aah, I'm with you on the hard to buy for men. I bought Jan concert tickets. Then my dad asked what he should get him. Aaargh... use your own imagination! It's hard enough figuring out what *I* should get him without doing all the work for everyone else as well! Still waiting for my mother to ask. It will happen soon. Jan always says he doesn't need anything. My response is "I didn't ask what you need, I asked what you *want*".

  2. This is one of the things my brothers are getting my dad Ka-Bar Tactical Spork (Spoon Fork Knife) Tool 9909!

  3. My dad ALWAYS gets a Harley Davidson t-shirt because he loves his Harley and he always wears t-shirts. What I get my stepdad varies. I usually just say, "Hey, Si, what do you want for Christmas?" and honor his request. LOL!

    Awesome on the 10K registration!

  4. i've pretty much lost my blogging mojo and haven't felt the urge to post about anything. when i go through these phases, i just read most of the time without commenting and only comment on the posts that i find interesting.

  5. I am gasping about the snotty woman and her watch. RUDE.
    And good on your friend. I don't go to school anymore but that doesn't mean I'm not concerned with the state of our education system. Like, what kind of question is that?! More than anything, this election has show many true colors of people. And I find that I'm liking color less and less.
    I like food rewards... And my dog actually prefers physical rewards like an ear scratch or belly rub. Sooo... jokes on you, anti-food people.
    You just reminded me to renew my library books. THANK YOU!

  6. I post when I have something to say, even if I've been a "bad" blogger and have unanswered comments in my inbox. I do feel bad not responding to them, but I seriously doubt most people remember where they left comments and if all were responded to. Lately I've been reading a lot and commenting less, just because I don't always feel like I have anything noteworthy to say that adds to the conversation.

    That walk sounds right up my alley! I too am a dog.

    Guys gifts are hard. My husband requested the new Nintendo thingy which will be impossible to find but I'll try. Other than that, I have no ideas!

  7. I am in the same boat with the men in my life - I have zero clue every darn year on what to get them. I'm hoping to get some inspiration with black friday ads coming out but we will see!

    Stopping by from the link up :)

  8. Whenever I can't think of anything to get my favorite dudes, I browse or just order an Amazon gift card. That fits everyone :)

  9. If you get good ideas, share them. I think men are just so hard to buy for in general.

    Good for you signing up for the 10k walk!!!

  10. I would rather be grouped in with my dog than most people so I will take it! I would totally walk for food and beer. Yum! I cant believe that lady. Ummm you wanted the service so you pay for the service. WTF? Men are just hard to buy for. I go on or uncommon goods for inspiration when I cant find something.

  11. Men are freaking hard to shop for.
    OMG that woman and her watch. I would have just snapped. $18 damn dollars, dear lord.

  12. Now that's the kind of walk I would do. Tempt with food, because I rather like dogs too! LOL! I don't have any real rules about posting. I try to post 2 times a week and respond to comments before a new post goes live. But life happens so sometimes I don't. Most readers are understanding and I'm not a professional blogger (i.e. earn my living from this), which also plays a factor. That woman. People are so freaking rude, cheap and lame. Oh books. I haven't had 10 checked out at a time but I have had 4 holds come in at once. It's like a kid in a candy store, although 14 books is impressive!

  13. That's crazy about your friend and some of the comments she got. You might live in a different country, but you still care. I mean, people who are FROM different countries and living there still care. The U.S. affects a lot of people. I like that she's donating money to causes she believes in! I hear a lot of people have been doing this and it's great. :)


  14. I am a huge proponent of food as a reward. Sorry not sorry. Dogs are the best, so that comparison is cool with me. Hahaha. I would totally walk a 10K to get that at the finish line!!!

    That lady with her watch...what?! People are infuriating.

    Also, if you're an American citizen, regardless of whether you live elsewhere, you're probably going to to care. People are dumb for asking that.

  15. eheh I am the dog too! :P Oh my gosh, I cannot even, with anyone, post-election. Every comment I see is snarky in some way or another... and most in the way that makes me angry because I disagree. Trying to take a break... and you know...breathe a bit... We are definitely trying to come up with ways to donate to causes as well post-election. Still working on the list though. ;) Ugh, yes people all around suck and I can't speak to anymore of them - what a great Michel quote... HA he's so snarky. I still feel majorly like "spring cleaning" even though it's fall. This doesn't usually happen for me.. .but I'll take it! :) I haven't read in ages it feels like, well hello there reading slump. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  16. Shopping for guys is seriously the hardest thing ever! I have no idea what to get my husband or my dad or my brother in law! And that lady that walked into your store sounds so annoying! How could she miss that sign?

  17. ten k... so braxton bragg lane is a mile long. ten k would be six times around that thing. yuck. right now you'd definitely have to bribe me with food to do that.

    that woman in your shop and the people who are bitching at your friend sound like some cranky bitches. all i can say, i've been a cranky bitch a whole lot more often than i should be. people who are hurting are usually good at hurting others in some way, even if it's just to lash out and be cheap bitches. when i'm nasty, i certainly regret it. the woman in your shop shouldn't've been a cow. i'm not defending her behavior, by any means. there's no good excuse for it. maybe she's one of those women who's had everything handed to her on a silver platter and so she expects the world to revolve around her. or maybe she's battling some pretty wicked shit. maybe she's got days like this one: either way, i'm sorry she was rude to you. i'm sorry your friend's catching such flack.

    you know i'm god awful about replying to comments. i put up new posts anyway.

  18. I keep posting and catch up on comments when I have time. Usually I knock them all out at once when I feel motivated.
    I do read in snippets, sometimes days late. Sometimes I read, don't feel like commenting, even though I have something to say, and then come back to it later. (for example, I skimmed this post yesterday and left it open in my browser with 18 other tabs :).
    Lowe's giftcards are what I give my dad. Cabela's for my brother.

  19. LOL at this post. I reward myself with food too. Yesterday, I was walking a lot and all I keep thinking about was the french fries I'd promised myself at the end of my trek.
    I haven't been reading much fiction in the past couple of weeks. I've been busy with exercising and blogging everyday and keeping up with blog networking.

  20. oh my god people are stupid. of course you're going to care about the US and election and all that. it's not like you are like "fuck it" ha. silly. and that woman not paying for the service - SO irritating. i don't understand how people can be that rude. and good for you for the 10k girl! who cares if it's walking - that's all i could handle and i'm impressed.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  21. i used to just post and then catch up, but i try not to post now unless i can read/comment/respond on the same day. i still fall behind though.
    i cannot believe that woman with the watch. how rude!
    i am also motivated by food. good luck with your walk! that is seriously awesome. highest of fives to you.
    ugh. i feel like i am awesome with gifts and then a year goes by and i'm like are you kidding? i have to do it again? everyone is getting gift cards this year.

  22. I hadn't blogged in about a year until recently, as in the last week! Ha! I would still scroll through & read occasionally, but with little commenting.

    My husband is SO hard to shop for! He, too, always says that he doesn't need anything. He doesn't want presents. The whole works. This year I'm still scratching my head on what to get him!

  23. Let me just not even play that I'm pretty much a dog and I frequently reward myself with food. #notsorry.

    I'm so proud of you for signing up for a walk! 10k is a bit further than what most people walk on a serious day of shopping, so maybe that helps a little? I could say, it's just 6 miles, but we both know that coming from me, that's a dick move. ;)


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