Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday's Seven Snapshots vol.100

This happens often...I start out the day with cute shoes, but I end up in flip flops soon enough. 

Friday beer day to watch football and celebrate Thanksgiving...

...which turned into 11 hours of drinking and this picture I don't remember taking. I'm too old for that nonsense. Ha!

Saturday night included dinner at my fave - I was so preoccupied with the good food that I took no pictures except this one when I was leaving. 

After chasing Ricky out of the tree...

...and chasing him away from the ornaments...

...I got our tree up!

Hope you had a fab holiday weekend!  Are you getting ready for Christmas?


  1. Hehehe, your Friday night and my Friday night were similar ;) K played at a bar with a band that asked him to fill in so friends/family and I went out to watching him. Of course we had to pre-game before hand and then over-indulge while there... Ha. The end of the night is 100% blurry :D

  2. When I was student-teaching, my mentor teacher wore sky-high heels each day. She kept slippers under her desk and wore those while she was in the classroom. I learned to always keep flipflops under my desk.
    Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving!

  3. How in the heck do you keep Ricky from toppling the tree now that it's up? I picture a squirrel-like moment akin to Christmas Vacation. Lol!
    Oooof, 11 hours of drinking sounds rough!!


  4. yay for friends and then christmas decor! and isn't it always the case with cute shoes - i mean i couldn't stand all day in them either. i can barely handle running around and sitting most of the day. ok that's a stretch haha.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Seems that Ricky is really in the Christmas spirit. Tee hee! What a lil stinker. :)

  6. I never even make it to the cute shoes in the first place, ha! Congrats on getting the tree up. It looks very jolly :) I'm supposed to be making a real effort with Christmas this year but I'm miles away from any decoration!

  7. When I young (and foolish) I somehow managed to stay in the cute shoes all day, but these days - I often start with the flip-flops! LOL! Oh Ricky! I don't decorate for Christmas because I go home and don't host anything at my house ... so it just seems like so much work. I feel like such a Grinch! Max would also attack the tree. The lights, ornaments and tinsel would be too much temptation for my mischief-making feline. Your tree looks great though!

  8. Hooray for watching football, even if the Aggie game ended up being so terrible! Your tree looks so pretty, and I loved seeing all the snaps of your ornaments! I'm so excited to be in full Christmas mode now!

  9. Anytime I wear cute but heeled shoes I always have a back up pair for later! My feet cant handle it anymore. My dog likes to terrorize our tree and ornaments too.

  10. catching up on blogs so don't mind the stalking :)

    i NEVER wear cute shoes anymore since i always end up on runners or flip flops.

  11. love love love your tree!
    i rarely wear heels but when i do i almost always end up in flip flops. haha.


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