Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sunday's Seven Snapshots vol.102

'Tis the season that I send several overseas packages. 

This is one of the libraries I frequent. Ain't too shabby. 

Christmas drinks with my fellow Texas A&M grads at Blu Bar (level 36 of the Shangri La hotel.)

These were our views....

...Sydney was really showing off her beauty this week. 

Christmas drinks turned into Christmas shenanigans. 

Worked 6 days this week with long hours, but I still managed to get some presents wrapped too. 


  1. show off. i worked no days this week and still managed to not wrap a damned thing.

  2. I love all the Christmas cheer in this post!! And those views are great!

  3. I love the tree in the first photo!

    Luckily this year I only have to send 3 or 4 packages since we're spending Christmas with my family.

  4. i bet things are just insanity right before the big close. good for you for wrapping (and in between kitty interruptions haha). that library is to die for gorg! and those views of course

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. I love that your library put up that tree! So pretty!

  6. Such beautiful views. Sydney is just so dang pretty.

  7. That library is gorgeous. The one nearest me is quite old but not in a historically pretty kind of way. :D Seeing your tree with presents wrapped underneath it almost makes me want to put up mine! It looks so pretty and festive. And love the views of Sydney!

  8. gorgeous weather you have; but mine sucks! we're digging ourselves out of the first big snow fall. rage.

  9. Hooray for Aggie Happy Hours! I love the Aggie network so much because you're basically guaranteed to find another Aggie no matter where you are in the world!

  10. Nice work! I have put up zero decorations yet. Oops.

    The Shangri-La used to do an all you can eat buffet lunch at the restaurant a few floors beneath that bar, it was reasonable value ($40 I think and I managed to get 2 for 1 vouchers) and the food was amazing and the views even better. But I think they stopped doing it :( Anyway not sure the point of that ramble only to say I love that view too!

  11. i need to start wrapping. oops!
    that library is gorgeous. as are those views.


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